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Mar 6, 2007
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not sure if this is the right place to post this or if anyone can help, but i am doing a home study course with essential nails and my little 16month old son has broken my dvd, does anyone know if i can buy a replacement have looked on their site but nothing am awaiting a reply to an email i sent.
or does anyone have a copy i cud have or buy but it wud have to be reasonable as i am now a single mum struggling away (not after sympathy though lol) :green:
thanks in advance for any help!
Perhaps call them and get an instant answer.

You could post under "Wanted" in "Geekbay"x
it wont let me post an ad, and i dont have a phone...awkward i know
Whic DVD are u after hun? I have a gel one. it has a few scratches on it but it works fine.

Rachel xx
I have the l&p one somewhere if you need that one, more than happy to pop it in the post for you xx
itsa gel one im looking for sorry shud have said lol
hi there..I recently bought a copy of the gel course dvds from ebay...7 quid.

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