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Jan 12, 2003
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Right ladies and gents what's your view on replacement tips/sculpts within a rebalance.

At the moment I charge £1.50 per natural and £2.50 per p&w replacement. Out of an appointment I charge £3.00 and £4.00 respectively.

My dilema is ...... should I be allowing 1-2 free replacement tips within a rebalance? The majority of my clients will come back with 1-2 off and the occasional client might have more. Having looked at various websites I was just wondering what's the general consensus.

By the way a full set nat is £35.00, rebalance is £17.50
a full set p&w is £37.50, rebalance is £20.00

Also what is your average rebalance like, ie. 1-2 nails, all nails intact, 1 hand on 1 hand off. Just curious.

Thanks, Adele
I never used to charge for repairs but then clients took advantage of this - wore them way too long, didn't follow home care directions, etc.

So now I charge $2 per nail at time of fill, or $5 for first nail and $2 for each other nail for a repair appt only.

Never sold so much cuticle oil till then ;)
in salon where i work( ,yep still there not for long now though)
we dont charge for repairs and the nails come back in a right state you honestly think i cant be bothered ,when you try your hardest and they just abuse the nails :hit: its like the wait until the night b4 maintance and sit and pick the poor nails to death and shove stuff up them like cat food and dirt. :puke: acrylic £34.50
infill £19.99
F/G £40.00
infill £19.99
but when i do mobile i charge them :p :p then they dont phone up all the time for imaginary repairs .dont you just hate that. :twisted:
acrylic F/S £22.50
infill £15.50
F/G £19.50
repairs £2.75 each nail not at maintence appointment
not on the subject..but I have a woman who seriously has chunks of dirt shoved between her nail and the acrylic at the free edge. Chunks of dirt!
Once her nails were really bad and I commented on it...she says "oh I was just cleaning the duck pond before I came down" !!!! Gross!

Just makes you feel kinda tired all over...when they abuse their nails like that.

There are a few approaches to this subject.

1- The freebie. Many people will give a repair away (if needed) with rebalancing and charge for additionals.

If you play free giveaway, then it implies that you expect a normal user to break a nail every two weeks. That can lead to a misconception about the quality of your work.

2- The “nothing comes free lady”. Many people charge for all repairs regardless of when they are.

If someone has a small fix job during a rebalance and it does not require any extra time or resources... I don't really feel there should be an additional charge.
If they come in with 2 repairs that require you to spend an additional 15 minutes fixing... charge accordingly, or drop the enamel application to time compensate. (I actually used to do this for clients that were late. If they came in 10 minutes late… I would spend 10 minutes less on the nails by not applying enamel. If they wanted enamel, they could book in for an enamel change.)

See... I guess I feel that you should simply charge for your time... not nigglets like repairs.

If someone breaks a thumb nail whilst gouging out a husbands eye; and she has an important function to attend that morning... if you squeeze her in... don’t do so for a piddly 2 pounds/bucks... if it takes you 20 minutes, then charge 33% of your rebalance price.

3- The I am your nail master and will guarantee your nails to the nth degree. That means that as long as certain criteria are met... you will fix their nails as soon as humanly possible.

Thus criteria is usually:
1- nails at a workable length (frequent breaking can often be remedied through shortening enhancements)
2- nails must be rebalanced every 2 weeks
3- nails must be cared for with SolarOil at least once a day (I actually would tell them 3 times a day... that way they would use it at least once :revolve: )

This last method is the step I took. I felt that if a clients nail broke... it was akin to a dentist missing a tooth. I wanted it took look beautiful again ASAP.
I would occasionally get piss takers in (the long nails... I bowl for a living clients) that would break more frequently at first... but if they wanted the guarantee... it meant that each time they came back... their nails became shorter until I found the right balance for their lifestyle and activity level.

Anyhooo.... hope this helps
Sorry Geek, but when you say
3- The I am your nail master and will guarantee your nails to the nth degree. That means that as long as certain criteria are met... you will fix their nails as soon as humanly possible.

are you saying that you don't charge?

Hey Christie

I think it's time to tell your client to take a jump......hopefully into her duck pond :D :D

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