Sassy Hassy what have you started !!!!!!


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Jul 7, 2003
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Well Sara think your blog enty about not sleeping has had am effect on me :eek:

Well it is 2.30 am and I just can't get to bloody sleep. i even took a sleeping tablet at 1.30 and still not kicking in . On my second fag now so hope its kicks in soon:cry:

Sorry for rabbitin on . Don't know why am I am really

You're not alone! Well, it's only 10:45 pm here so I still have a chance at a great sleep. But if you can't sleep.... keep geeking!:lol: Hope that pill kicks in soon.
Oops didn't realise it was contagious ... and I still woke at 2 and was awake til 5!:smack:
Same here... insomniacs are us!!! I woke at 3.30am, then again at 4.15am :evil:
It seems to take forever to get back to sleep... aaaggghhh!
Me too, three hours awake and two nightmares :eek::eek::eek: what a night

I'm only up now because HRH was demanding breakfast with menaces:irked::irked::irked:
Sleep - what's that??

Me and my husband haven't slept in the same bed for the past week - i keep him awake tossing and turning - and the slightest noise from him and i'm wide awake!!

I think i had about 3 hours last night and that was on and off.

Not getting much baby making done at the mo:lol:
Oh No . Just got up and remembered about my post . Soooooooooooooooo embarassed so came on to delete and there are replies :o

Think pill must have kicked in about 4am.

Nice to know i am not alone though .Mine is the blasted menopause( which is why doc prescribed pills for when it gets really bad ). Sleep well for months and then for no reason , bam suddenly can't get to sleep for weeks on end then it seems just as suddenly i will start sleeping ok. I am coming back as a man next time :lol:

Hope all our sleep improves . Thanks


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