Separating hairs on new acrylic brush


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Mar 20, 2010
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Morning everyone,

hoping can someone tell me what's the best way to get the stuff that holds the bristles in a point off my new acrylic nail brush please? Bending the bristles gently doesn't seem to work as it's sort of rubbery.

roll the end of the brush between 2 plastic backed pads so that the bond gently breaks away then you need to keep moving the brush around between the pads gently pushing with your fingers, either use your nails or a orange wood stick to gently tease the bristles apart, keep moving the brush around on the pad using the orange wood stick to remove all traces of the powder until the brush is completly free.
Once there is no more residue in the brush you can then give it a good drink of fresh monomer and train it into the shape you want.
If you do not remove all the residue your brush will not work properly and will become contaminated quicker.
HTH's sorry the explanation is not that great its hard to explain.
Jen xxx
I've always used a dry lint free pad and just kind of flicked at it till the White dust from the aribic gum stops comming out ,
don't worry to much that it will loose it's nice shape as the shape as you will be training it back after you have removed it all,

Wear you not shown how to do this in your training?
I'm constantly suprised how many important lessons seem to get overlooked ,
Thanks for the replies. I'll try prising the hairs gently. In training we just had to squeeze the bristles and the stuff turned powdery and we could just sort of flick the hairs until all the powder was gone. The problem I have just now is that the stuff is kind of rubbery and doesn't seem to crumble.
Did you get the brush wet?:eek:
Just keep at it hopefully it will eventually break down to dust that you can flick out.
Jen xx
Thanks Jen. Nope, not been wet.

Will keep at it. Have now separated the hairs a bit there's still residue, I can squeeze the end and the tip will stick back together. Just a shame it's not turning to powder, would have been much easier :) Maybe it will and I just need to be patient!
What brand of brush is this??? If you haven't had this before with the same brand of brushes, I would think this was a bad one and I would send it back. :hug:
Did it get to warm and the gum maybe got softened?
Put it in the box and put in the freezer for 20 mins or so and try ? I'm making this up but it could be worth a try lol

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