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Sep 20, 2007
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Don't know about you guys but September always makes me want to go out and buy a new pencil case, a new folder and start a new course.

I've always done evening classes after I finished college, that is how I orginally got into holistic therapies.

Kind of fancy a change, would like to do photography or video making.

Anyhow, have enrolled on a 2 day massage course beginning of September so that will quench my september thirst.

Whats everyone else got planned?
I was thinking of doing NVQ level 3 Beauty in September, but can't really afford it! Lol.

I've noticed my college has started doing eyelash extensions and nail tech on an evening so I might do something like that later on in the year and do level 3 next September after I've saved some pennies :)
Ive just been on a new colouring and cutting cource, and I am planning to maby do photography also because I love taking pics and it will allow me to be more artistic with the pics of my nail work, ohh going to search for one now. I also plan on doing the kupa efile training with CND this year!! Love cources xxxx
I'm going to do a waxing course for 16 weeks at my local college. I've been going to evening college now for 12 months and have completed Man & Ped and Nail Extensions (Acyrlic). I'm training now while my little girl is small then when she starts school I hope to step up and work more hours as a mobile therapist. Fingers crossed!!
I have decided to do Cert Level 3 Sports Massage, I also have to do a 6-8 hour first aid course to complete it. I also won a course (again) to the value of £150 and I am going to be doing Manual Lymph Drainage on 14th August :)
I've got to fill in my application for for Nails NVQ 3 for September. Wasn't going to do it but the boyfriend has kindly said he'd pay fees if I can get equipment.

Would love to do other courses too, just wouldn't know what. Plus I'm not that great at driving distances lol :o
No new courses planned just yet,
i will be in New York in September working for a short spell so this will be a learning curve,
i will look at new courses when i return and my excitement has calmed down lol
Got no college course but I've been thinking about it, we have a newly build college so hoping they do some exciting courses.

I have just ordered an microdermabrasion machine so got some training in that and also susan molyneux so got some training with them. Both are this month so I'm really exciting and just want to be offering the treatments now lol.

I'd like to do eyelash extension's I think that would be the next thing for me.
No new courses for me either as i too will be working in NEW YORK :o)

Are you packed yet Lou....ive got me case out at the ready just need to fill it now hahahaha:hug:
I have been thinking of the new september college courses for the past couple of weeks also. I filled in the online form for my local college to send out the new part-time prospectus sp? when it comes out on the 16th of this month (yay tomorrow!)

I have been thinking of doing part time beauty which i will have to do in units to build upto NVQ L2 i think so im hoping to start with the mani & pedi first.

Oh, and im also booked onto the Shellac Attack class in august, which is not a course but more of a workshop.

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