Shellac & Minx in Debenhams!


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Mar 24, 2010
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Evening all, I went into Debenhams today and on the eyebrow bar concession I saw that they are now doing Shellac and Minx.
The big boys really are hitting us independent little guy's :twisted:
I used to work at a nail bar in a Debenhams and trust me not a threat I left after 2 months.... No concept of customer service just interested in new customers all the time. Most people were one time clients all saying they didn't like the vibe and being in such open view I think it's far nicer to be in either a proper salon or your own/therapists home :)
I know what your saying, I too used to work for one a few years ago the company is shocking!!! I lasted 2 mths too, whilst I was in college.
It's just the way I feel at the moment, I plow away doing everything I can and just feel like I'm getting no-wHere. I sick of people saying I can get that in boots, I can buy that in sally's/ebay, the girl down the road does that for a £10. I know these are not clients I need but I'm fed up tonight:sad:
I sure this will be classed as chit chat now so sorry about that too:o
It's not chit-chat, these are real problems for professional techs. I start training in 3 weeks and I am really excited, but people do need to be aware of what's happening and it does worry me. I know it's hard but you do need to value yourself and the products you use. Keep up the good work x
Try and see the positives - it's getting the brand names out there! I think it's quite exciting, just shows what an incredible impact Shellac and Minx have had on the market and increased exposure can only be a good thing?
They've been offering it at our local debenhams since last summer! Don't panic glam, any clients that try, will soon come back! Xx
Floss is right the more people see a brand the more they trust it so if they see is it Debenhams but would prefer a salon/mobile service then it's up to us to sell that aspect I guess! The product sells itself :)
Different services for different clients with different needs.

There's a place in the market for everyone.
I was contacted by my local independant department store just last week asking if I wanted to set up a nail bar in the cosmetics dept on a self employed basis - had I not agreed to go into a local salon a couple of weeks previously I would have jumped at the chance!

As long as the tech is fully qualified and providing an expert service is this any different than going into a high end/chain hairdressers?
Yes I see what your saying, I might just go to bed and wake up more positive tomorrow, Goodnight Geeks :Love:
What are the prices like?
Tbh that was a good point they were £23 for shellac, so not selling the product short. Forgot to look at Minx.
Chin up Glam I like you get these feelings often as I have invested so much money and time ::sad: yesterday I cried I was so down about it all I have only started this week officially and I'm scared senseless but thank god for SG or I would have tossed the towel in by now good luck :Love::Love:
Dont worry about it!
Its not much different from another salon being set up.... there's only so many people one nail business can do.
Competition is competition, spend your energy on keeping your business top then hopefully you'll be too busy to be concerned by what they are doing.

I think its a good thing also for brand awareness.
As well helping with brand recognition I think it also makes nail services appear far more mainstream. If women see more nail bars pop up in places like Debenhams it makes getting their nails done seem more like a normal everyday thing to do, like getting a haircut, rather than something that some women would only consider as an occasional treat for a wedding or holiday.
Totally see where you are coming from but guess it is good for us smaller people for brand awareness and defo price. Why pay £40 to £50 for something when somebody local is offering exactly the same for £20 to £25.

Also like somebody else said some people hate sitting being plonked in the middle of nosey shoppers.
Evening all, I went into Debenhams today and on the eyebrow bar concession I saw that they are now doing Shellac and Minx.
The big boys really are hitting us independent little guy's :twisted:

How far from your salon is debenhams? I'm a home based salon and my nearest one is about 15 + miles so it won't affect me.
What were their prices like, out of interest? x
The thing I keep saying to friends and family is that the clientele of a salon and that of mobile are 2 completely different ones. People use salons because they like the experience and people use mobile for convenience and maybe because they feel so much more comfy at home.

I'm not worried :) x

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