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Lelli Loo Loo
Nov 6, 2003
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Lellipop Land
Hi, Which do you think is the best way to get a really good shine over a
L&P nail ?
When i use my 3 way buffer the shine never seems even ?
Hope this makes sense, Is there a special product you can get to increase the shine.
Thanks x
and that ONE... is the GIRLFRIEND!!!! I don't know which 3way buffer you use Lesley but the Girlfrind gives lasting shine on NATURAL nails for up to 6 weeks and an unbelievable finish on enhanced nails that can continue until their next rebalance :shock: Pack of 4 is £10.75 (I think :oops: ) and you can also retail them for £5.95 each!! They are the easiest things to sell - all you have to do is grab a natural nail or enhanced - and do step one (black side), step 2 (white side) and then look at your client and say "are you ready???" use the grey side for the shine and they will be so shocked at what they see - you've sold it there and then!! DON'T use solar oil beforehand as it can effect the buffer!! - do use it after though!! ;)
Thanks Sam, My xmas list is growing by the day Lol
But i have to try these, they sound fantastic.
Every girl needs a friend and this is defintely my best friend...........
After step one and two, wipe the step three side with a little scrubfresh, buff the nail and then watch that baby sparkle...............
Competition trick !!!!!!!!!
To get that shine that you only ever dreamed off.............
Boy I sound like and advert
I never used my 'girlfriend' :shock:

Mind you that's a sure way to get a 'shiner' :D

No, seriously if you can get hold of the 'miracle shiner' from
Odyssey Nail Systems

It takes seconds to get a glass-like shine...
Samantha and Ruth are right on.

The Creative 'Girlfriend buffer' was voted the Best in the industry, and not just for the shine either, it lasts for months and is indestructible. Very good value for money.
I use an Ez Flow product called miracle shine its a buffing compound and can be used with your regular 3 way buffer (like Ez Flow Killer Whale or CND Girlfriend) on the grey waxy side (allow to dry first) or on a chamois buffer (EzFlow Snow Monkey) use on the chamois leather side wet
It is a fab product and can is also fab on natural nails :D

I also use EZ Flow Miracle Shine with the Snow Monkey chamois - brings up a lovely long lasting shine. I have used Creative Girlfriend buffers in the past too and these also give a wonderful shine. I haven't figured out which shine lasts longer, but they both seem to last ages on the nails.


I only have the boyfriend, it was cheaper and I thought it was the same than the girlfriend (?) only a little bit "thinner" ?
Is the girlfriend better than the boyfriend and what is the difference??

Janosch1974 said:
I only have the boyfriend, it was cheaper and I thought it was the same than the girlfriend (?) only a little bit "thinner" ?
Is the girlfriend better than the boyfriend and what is the difference??

I haven't heard of the Boyfriend but would guess it is called this and marketed as the cheaper but same version of the Girlfriend. :rolleyes: I doubt it as the Girlfriend is patented!! One pack of 4 is £10.75 (I think) and it is awsome - who sells Boyfriends :?: Alan Roy springs to mind but I could be wrong :oops:
Does anyone use gel to get a shiny finish on their L&P nails? That's what I usually do and it looks great.

the boyfriend is from creative, too. Here in Germany the boyfriend looks like the girlfriend is al littele cheaper, not much...
the boyfriend is great, 3 sides like the girl... and creates a high shine. Hm, why do they not sell it in your country?? Don`t know...

they don't sell it because there is no Creative abrasive called the boyfriend.

Maybe they call it that in Holland, but Creative do not have an abrasive with that name. We do have a small 3way buffer though ... maybe it is that one and the distributors in Holland have renamed it.

no, the small one is called "the gator", I guess.
The shop only sells products from Creative, the boyfriend AND the girlfriend,,... :?
maybe you have a look at the shop...

there is the categorie "Feilen" and then "Polierfeilen" and there is the boyfriend,...hope you find it with this "terrible" description, hihih.

I have had a brief look at the site and they sell many products that are not Creative products.

What they describe as the boyfriend looks like the girlfriend ... but I can't say ... there are many copies around.

If the prices quoted are the prices to the technician they are expensive!!! the gator files are definitely not Creative, nor are many of the other files and buffers.

thank you for, it is not the shop for technicians, it is for the customers. The technician shop needs a password. They still have the girlfriend but only in the other shop. Maybe I buy one of the girls and try it,..then ,aybe I`ll find a difference...

thank you...

Hi Diana from Germany - welcome by-the-way to the Geek site :salute: I am POSITIVE that the Boyfriend will be a similar copy. I know that MaHa the German distributors (lovely Hans & Marlene) have had no end of trouble with certain names of products and maybe decided to do this as an extra??? anyway, I am sure that they can explain!! Thanks for all the info! :thumbsup:
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