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hi there, sounds like you worked the Chicago show?? glad you had fun! also happy to hear you have applied to be an Ambassador! i am a geek from cnd corp, and we need all the enthusiastic folks we can get! keep up the great work!!! :D


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Mar 15, 2003
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The show was so awesome!!!! My roommate was so sweet and helpful. The gal that was the boss for the weekend was really nice and understanding of "nervous newbie" mistakes. You guys if you have never worked a show, you would not begin to believe all the work that goes into one. We worked our tails and my feet hurt like troopers today but it was so worth it! This was a fabulous experience that I am dying to try again. If I had not already put in an application to be an educator I would be filling one out now!! Creative just makes you feel like part of the team and it is a fantastic feeling! I am still on such a rush; this weekend was just so great! Thank you guys for your encouragement, my nerves died down on the last the educators had me and one other newbie do a pink and white nail for them to watch, I know we do nails all the time but man was that nerve wracking!! If for whatever reason I never do another show or anything I will always cherish this weekend and be forever grateful for the opportunity!!!!
What do you have to be nervous about....kidding :D . I am still impressed by your jewels for should have just whipped out that poster and everyone would have been nervous around you. Glad you had such a good time.
...had a great time Holly - that's CND for ya - we are one big Global family :thumbsup: !! In fact Globalgal who posted above me - she is too humble :oops: to say EXACTLY what she does, but she is in actual fact the VP of International Sales!! :salute: She is also one of the most fab people ever and one of my mentors!!! She 'opened' up Europe to CND and we are now the largest buyer of CND products!!! Hats off to ya Rhonda - we love you!!! :goal:
Hi ya ,
Wow sounded hard work but fab. Nice Pedicure, thats what you need
Love Ruth
oh wow what I wouldn't have done for a pedicure the day after lol, I did treat myself to some cucumber heel therapy and a marine masque!!

I worked at the Council Bluffs show, thanks all you guys for your support and encouragment!!!!!!!!
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