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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Hi Gina,
I am so so sorry that I didn't mention our hello at the olympia show.
It was great to see you, but you are always so busy and we only had time for a quick chat. But hey there is always the next one.
Hope you had a great flight back home.
Keep up the great work and speak soon
love Ruth

P.S, you face when we turned up unannounced was a picture, but a pretty one at that . Bless ya
Ruth....I think you scared and shocked everyone!! Gina, Kelly, Samantha and Samuel!! :twisted: It was reaaaaaaaaaaaaally funny though!

Yeah, Layla you're dead right. Ruth scared the life out of me when you turned up!!! I didn't recognise her at first but then I saw Faye and recognised her (cos I used to go to school with her!!) and then I twigged!!!

I think she also scared the life out of Anthony too!!!! :D
Ahhh Anthony now there i a sweetie,
Kelly got on her knees for him, bless her. :oops:
Well it gave her a good view on how to apply a form, but isn't he good.
Well he scored mega points with me, great demo, answered all my questions. He was right the boogie nights powder disco diva is so me lol.
Seems like Kelly and Anthony have a swap thingy going on :D
You had to be there to appreciate the conversation :D All I can say is Tips and Diamonties "eh Kelly".
But joking appart it was fun all the same, he makes it look so easy.......
Great work Anthony
love Ruth
Yes Ruth he is a real sweetie!! I thought it was sooo funny when I got on my knees - I don't think he thought I was actually going to do it! :D Well that's us Essex girls for ya!

Yeah, Tips & Diamonties!!!!! We all have to help each other out. We sold so many of them in the end that he was probably telling everyone to come over to us and buy them! Still at least I learnt how to apply a form!!!
Nailsinlondon1 said:
Kelly got on her knees for him, bless her. :oops:

I would seriously like to know what you mean by this :?: :?:
Well Samantha this is what happend....................
She tried, to have a better look at the way he applies his sculpt forms.
She was rubber necking and still couldn't see, so I
Well Kelly get down there, eye level and have a good look, So she did, before you could say, pass me the solar oil, she was on her knees , but she had the best view and watched him do his stuff.
Bless him, he took it all in his stride...................Good sport I thought ......
love Ruth
and that is all that went on, i do have an image to think of!!!!!!

seriously thanks for your kind words ruth, you are one in a millio and an ace tech too.

looks like i'm gonna have to get you to give me a fibre class........ ;) ;)

and you indeed have the best rhinestones kelly i love em!!! i sent everone over!!!!!

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