Spray tan on top of self tan, need advice ASAP please.


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Sep 17, 2013
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I have someone messaging me wanting a spray tan but wants to keep a layer of self tan on! What would actually happen if I were to do this? She keeps saying she will only have the spray tan if she can keep a layer of this self tan on! I've asked if its patchy at all and she said it isn't, she has had this appointment booked for a week now and I could have filled it with someone else, do you advise I tell her to forget about it or shall I just do it? Would it look bad if I did it?
Do it - why should you lose the appointment time and fee? Explain to her that you cannot guarantee what she will look like and that you prefer not to as a rule. The outcome will depend on how much self tan she has applied - if it's only a light application it wont make too much difference. If she's applied on the heavy side then spray with the lightest solution you have. It's her risk.
I wouldn't think its a good idea - I know I was told on training that all previous spray tan must be removed before re-spraying, you couldn't guarantee it would turn out even over a base colour, then she would blame you. Whats her reason for this request?
i'd be interested to know other thoughts on this, I know you can respray within 24hrs but that's not the same thing really ?
apparently she feels more comfortable that way, it all seems a bit strange, she requested the appointment a week ago, but I still have no address for her yet (I'm mobile) and now she has decided to tell me now that her sis will only have it if she has the layer of self tan on, it just seems pretty pointless to me! I was thinking to just do it but then I don't want her to start telling people that it was rubbish when it was never my intention in the first place to do it but like you said why should I lose the appointment and fee because less than 24 hours before the appointment she is saying she will only have it if she can keep the self tan on.
They obviously don't like to be seen white ever - so I would wonder what they are going to look like! My sister in law is a self tanner and feet / hands horrendous x
Well I wonder if I will see what they look like as I STILL have no address! I don't know how they think I can come tan them with no address. I have said if she really wants it that way I will do it but the results will not be as good as they would if she had no self tan on. Very frustrated! I'm just doing it part time as I save for more courses so the last thing I need right now is to turn others down for that appointment and then last minute get told they will only have the tan if she gets to keep her self tan on too! Sorry rant over.

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