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Sep 23, 2007
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I am thinking about changing spray tan soloutions, I am currently using sun lab but a few salons are using it as it is easy to pick up in local wholesalers.

I have only been spraying for a month but I am drawn to sienna x who appear to have a great range of retail products at reasonable rates.

I would love to hear tips about sloution and what solutions you would recommend.

Sienna x sent me a sample which I have used, the sloution appeared thicker and when it contacted the skin just sat there in a little spots. Do I need to alter the pressure of my gun?

Def Vani-T, I am yet to find a superior product
I use urban tan has 4 colours to choose from and can be mixed and match to adapt to what the client wants.

It goes on like a dream, customer service is fab, it doesnt go orange and they do spectacular offers buy 2 bottles get the third free and three compliementary urban glow glitters
give ergoline a call and ask to speak to David Fab bloke!!!

Urban Tan - Professional Spray Tanning
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hi ya when I first started i was trained with fantasy tan, I did not like it as it had no guide colour and the smell was not so nice. afew of my friends had st tropez on so I bought that and did not like the colour or smell. I changed over to sienna x as I heard such great feed back from the spray tan forum so I gave them a ring and they sent me a sample of the 8% and 10% I have never changed solution all my clients like the colour and the smell and I continue to get new clients. the colour is lovely and it does go on well with a gun. you do need to set it up right to get a splatter free tan.
Thank you girls, i love this site everybody has such great knowledge on here.

I will ring siennax and get some tips on setting up my tanline machine for a thicker liquid

If you are too near to your client you get this splatter as well but you get it with any solution and also if they have any oil in their skin as well. I ahve one client whose face3 does it all the tiem and it turns out to be the wipes she was taking ehr make up off with before she ahd the tan.

Sienna x works for me after trying probably all the tanning solution around this was the best all rounder for the majority of clients but ahve to say xen-tan is very good as well.
TANTRICK - by far the best

I know you said you want to pick it up form the wholesalers but you can buy online and you normally get it next day so its as good as going getting it yourself!


I am a Vani-T user also and absolutely love it.

Whilst it is great that we are all 100% our own chosen brand it is always wise to conduct your own research when choosing a solution as what is right for one isn't for the next.

My advice to you would be try as many solutions as you can. Also if possible use the same model, one who you can maybe see regularly during the course of the tan fade and also one who will tell you the truth re after care etc. Then you can make an informed choice based on what you have seen for yourself.

Good luck and having fun trying all those solutions.
I was trained by Sienna X and use their products, i have started using the 8.5% which is a really nice colour but 8% also good. It doesnt smell horrible, goes on lovely and lasts about a week. They also sell Tan in a Can which is also 8% and tan extender cream which is 3% DHA. If you spend over a certain ammount delivery is free and you get it next day.

Ask them for a 8.5% and see what you think:)
I use tantrick and love it so do my clients. Last Christmas I was using Perfectly Tanned which was not very good and not alot of people had heard of it. Changed to Tantrick in February and had a lot more clients since. My normal clients have been back this Christmas and sold the product for me and I have had a lot of new clients this year. Easy to apply, goes on evenly and colours up nicely. :):)
I have had absolutely no problems with sun labs, although when my supply is finished I will be re-stocking with Celebrity Secrets, they have a very varied range of % and skin care products.....they have just relaunched the product.

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