Spray tan, then the rain!


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Jun 7, 2011
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Hi just need a little help my client had a tan about 30 mins ago and has now just called saying she got wet and has some white patches. She wants to know whether or not to wash it all off now or wait until the mining to see how it comes out! What shall I say!
i think it will come out a little streaky were the rain hit but not as bad as it looks now.. my friend is a barmaid and she had a spray tan before work
and spilt a drink went a little over her arm and it did come out with faint water marks when she washed it off in the morning.
Ah ok thanks I thought so just needed an opinion!
She'll have faded little dots where the rain has hit her xx
If she has a tanning mit, tell her to try blend the tan in, add a little and I mean tiny bit of moisturiser to blend it in.

I emptied my tumbler dryer water and got it down my leg and I managed to blend it in.

She will end up with Marks where the drops have got her x

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