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May 4, 2009
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I was asked to "sculpt" a v.i.p client, but unfortunately had never had training to do this. i felt really bad not being able to oblige. She was very understanding. Is it just a case of spraying a darker solution on the area needing definition , in this case arms. Is there anyone offering training on this subject?
Just bumping this up so that a spray tanner sees it and helps you :green:
Thank you Sandi, seems it may be an American thing. My client was American.
Giving it another bump as I would love to learn this too. Sorry can't be of no help tho :wink2:
Sculpting, is as you say spraying darker for a more toned effect. I believe its popular in the body building world. I have always heard mixed things about it. My old St. tropez rep said it never really worked however its quite populare in the media. You can do it two ways apparently. Firstly spray someone normal and then get them back in the next day and spray the areas darker for muscle definition. Or put three coats on the areas you want darker. I have never tried it, but I hope this helps :green:
Think?? urban tan?? offer training in this, not sure, seen it somewhere.. It is shading basically like drawing in pencil, using lighter and darker tans to help 'shape' the figure, for instance any woman here used blusher/bronzer on cleavage to make chest/bust look bigger.. it is used in extreme conditions to also spray on/enhance 6 pack etc.. so front of legs lighter shade than say inside for instance
Thanks girls, yes this was a big celebrity, she spoke about sculpting as if it was the norm. i could have tried what i thought would have worked e.g. using a darker solution in the areas she wanted sculpted but didnt want to risk it, she was doing a live appearance that day . Maybe this is something that should be brought up in training with the tanning companies. Thanks again.
I have asked this question a number of times, someone is missing an opening in the market here me thinks??
I asked Urban Tan but they wern't really interested anymore even though they advertise on their web site, I have decided to get trained in the states when I go over and offer it to my clients when I get back:)
I was taught how to do spray sculpting with my training at NSI Manchester.
I was trained using Sun Lab products, but I am sure it will work with all solutions.
That was 4 years ago, so I don't think it is so new here.
Lotsa luv x x x:hug:x x x

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