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Aug 10, 2009
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I have been spray tanning for a while now and I have on slight problem, when I'm spraying peoples hands, I was thought in training for them to their hands like a claw and spray once, which is fine but doesnt seem to get the little folds of skin between the finger and thumbs leaving them white! Any ideas?
If they a proper 'claw' - really stretching and spacing their fingers - and you spray in a circular motion, then you should get a good result... you don't want the solution to go too far down the sides of the fingers as it can tan too heavily and leave 'tidemarks'. Are you being over-cautious and holding the gun too far away when spraying the hands?
They should hold their hands in the position of a claw as this prevents build up in the knuckles but their fingers should be spaced apart. If you have a professional system then you should spray down from the wrist to the end of their fingers holding the gun a little further away from the hands as when you tan naturally your hands and feet are a little lighter. I'm not talking too far away, just maybe 3 inches further.
Smooth I have a hvlp which is a professional system and I spray from fingertips to just above wrist in 3-4 light sprays.

I adjust my gun speed or space accordingly,, there is no set routine as such, yes at first but when you become happy and friends with your gun yo can start to experiment with patterns etc.

I never spray a whole body without adjusting my gun, I always reduce for hands and arms and face never spray feet only mist,,,and usually turn up a bit for legs and torso and move quicker. xxx

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