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If you go to search on the left and do a search on insurance you will see loads of posts about this topic, i personally went with Professional Beauty magazine for 34.50
best wishes.


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Aug 16, 2003
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Hi everyone .... what a great site, and everyone seems so friendly! I have left salon life this week, having had a bit of a dis-agreement with the absent boss ......... and have decided (well I hope??) to go it alone from home and mobile :? I have only been in the 'trade' for a year but enjoy the job and like the person-to-person thing. I have been doing all the 'usual' things but have not been trained in sculpture yet. Am I doing the right thing? Am I mad? Am I insecure? Life starts again on Monday (at 47) so I just wondered ................. anyone got any really good does and don't from their own experiences? Day one approaches and I don't mind learning from my own mistakes, but pre-warned is pre something else. Thank in advance :(
I wish you the best of luck!

Remember ... Small is beautiful.

There is a lot to be said for being in complete control ... stay professional and you will do well.

Are you mad lol, well I don't think so.......
Geeg said , small is beautiful and can be very successful.......
You are in charge now ............

The only advice I could possibly give you is.......
Never bad mouth your former Salon, sour grapes are not for clients.........
be happy, cheerful and tell them all it was your choice , you wanted to be master of your own destiny................
As for advertising,leaflet, business cards all over the place, notice boards and hopefully some of your already clients will follow......... well why shouldn't they.....if your good they will..........
So cheers ( clinking glasses) here is to a happy new venture
Ruth xxxx
The exact thing happened to me this week.

I decided that life in the particular salon i was in wasnt as enjoyable as i hoped it would be so i decided to leave.

I have set up at home, although im not going mobile as you are, but i managed to keep nearly all of my clients. I worked from home before moving to the salon and i find it so much more comfortable and im in total control of everything.

Im also a little worried but im keeping a positive attitude and making the best of my situation, im going to make up some flyers and put them out and also taking an add in the local paper, I also have my business cards in a few local shops and that brings me a few clients as well.

As Ruth said its not professional to bad mouth your old salon, i know its hard my poor tounge has a hole in it LOL but im just telling all my clients that my reason for leaving was that it was difficult managing full time work with a family so i have decided to come back home, all my clients are happy with that and like my little set up at home :)

I wish you lots of luck and hope things go well for you at home :)

Kerrie :)
After a whole day of thinking about it I am still a bit in awe of people that run their own business, but am still determined to give this a good shot. Soooo much to learn still and many questions to ask (did I hear a groan somehwere) but I feel happier now that I know I am not the only one with questions and not the only one with a few nervous moments. :)

Question ....... as I worked in a salon before I never needed to worry about this ....... but I am a little concerned about insurance. Example .... I go into a clients home, accidently spill some polish on her best carpet .... would my 'free' GPBT insurance cover me?? If not, or if there is a doubt, any reccomendations about where to go?
Thanks so much for the reply. checked out the magazine and the insurance looks good ......... but ......... (am I being paranoid here?) it seems to concentrate on the treatment type of claim and does not comment on insurance for the event of damage to a clients house or contents as opposed to damage to the client (damage to carpets, table etc) Any ideas on that or is there any details in the insurance policy itself? Thanks again and any other help from you or anyone else welcome to put my mind at rest :? Dee xx
Hi there Dee,
Good luck with your future, if you did well in the salon, then there is no reason you won`t do well on your own too.
As for silly questions, we`ve all asked of my mindblowing ones have been printed in this months scratch mag, how embarassing is that.......
Professional beauty insurance to my mind is the way to go and you are covered wherever you work.
Thanks Debs, I am slowly loosing my fear of silly questions! I had to deal with the tax people etc today and felt like a real muffin :) I spoke to a few insurance companies too and they say what you do really. I was really concerned about dropping something in a clients house and damaging something but apparently the beauty insurance covers this, but with an unfortunate £250 excess :-( Still, at least I know the position now. Thanks again for the reply. I have SO much to learn still but am determined to at least TRY to get it all together.

Dee xxx
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