Strange Marks on Toe Nails.. What is it?


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Nov 13, 2008
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Soham, Cambs, UK
Hi Geeks, I have a client who comes to me once a month for a lux mani and pedi, I use CND products, along with a parafin wax treatment, the last two times she has had these marks apear on her nails about two days after the treatment, I finish the nails with squeaking them to make sure the oils are out, sticky base coat and shiney top coat, and then a squirt of solar speed spray.... anyone seen anything like it before?? Shes been having the treatments for over a year and its just the last two times, really at a loss, Ive not changed anything, they feel smooth the polish hasnt lifted or anything....any help would be great, thanks, Claire x

Oh forgot to mention its on fingers and toes??

We obviously can't diagnose, but I think it's surface dehydration .. I may be wrong though, only a Doctor could really tell, as it could be fungal, but it's unusual to have a fungal infection on finger nails, so my guess is dehydration.
but it's unusual to have a fungal infection on finger nails, so my guess is dehydration.

(I think there feet hun ..... ) :green:

an*gel said looks most likely but and if it is after the polish is removed then it would seem even more like the prob.... solar oil :) .... I do have to say though some of them look strangly like there is something on them , did she have gel toes / shellac / or maybe even minx in the past 6 months? could it be a bit left over product?
(I think there feet hun ..... ) :green:

This just made me roar laughing!!! :lol::lol:

I'm not THAT bad ha ha... she said it was on the fingers too!:lol:
Hi no this client only ever has natural nail care, and only ever a clear finish, if she removes the polish the marks will come off, they did last time, just wondered what might cause the nail/polish to react like this, and this time it was two days later, sooooo strange, never seen anything like it. claire x
Some clients are more prone to dehydrated nails than others... it can happen because of the over use of solvents.

Can I ask what you use to remove the oil from the nails... was it acetone?

Maybe this could be the reason as it's very drying?.. I'm just guessing here to be honest and it IS unusual to have dehydration, especially after you did a Paraffin treatment.
Hi, I used nail polish remover and its acetone free.... honestly I do this all the time and this is the first time I have seen anything like it, if she removes the clear polish with polish remover then her nails are normal, it has to be in the base/top coat but its the same one I use on everyone, a good brand... I wondered if its possible its a reaction she could have developed, it didnt show up for two days on her fingers and toes.. it has me baffled, I will try a different clear polish next time to see if that makes any difference.

Thanks for replying. xx
Is it the polish bubbling off the nails? Thats the only thing I can think of, ha she changed any products that she uses that could be attacking the polish? x
Hi, no the polish is still smooth and apart from the weird marks is perfect, no bubbles or anything, as far as she can say there is nothing changed in her routine, she does have several allergies and intolerances but shes been having the same treatment for over a year with nothing like this, just the last two times, and none of my products have changed either, soooo strange... Im going to try changing the polish next time to see if that helps at all, you never know!! x
Was just wondering if SHE had changed anything she used that could cause the problem. And what I was refering to was cross between bubbling and flaking, I swim a lot and have the same kind of effect on clear polish its the chlorine so was maybe thinking products or use of bleach with no gloves but that wouldn't account for the hands??
She says she hasnt changed anything, and shes not been swimming, the first time it happened over about 3 hours and this time it took 2 days, its a stange one, lol.. x

It difficult to say 100% i agree. I am no doc but i would suggest she sees one as it looks slightly like leukonychia partialis.

If you say she suffers from intolerances she may be cutting things out of her diet and therefore not getting enough Zinc. Get her Doc to advise her.

It would make sense as you have not changed your pedi products and there is nothing new being used.

Wouls be intruiged to know how she gets on, stay in touch!

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Changed my top and base coats and it hasnt happened since so maybe it was something in the product that didnt work for this client,either way shes happy now, thanks for the help. x

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