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Jan 11, 2003
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Long Island NY
It's time to Strut Your Stuff. The annual online enhancement and Nail Art Competition is now open for entries. With over $12,000 in prizes up for grabs, what are you waiting for? The entire competition takes place online and the entry process is open until Oct. 31st.

2006 Mixed Media Jr 2nd place, Theresa ****son, Surrey, UK

2006 Mixed Media Sr. 2nd place, Susan Loasby, Northampton, England

2006 Enhancement Jr 3rd Place, Jacqui Townsend, Herts, England

2006 Enhancement Sr Honerable Mention, Olga Palylyk, BC, Canada
How much does the entry fee cost?
$15 USD per entry
Where does time go? It only seems like yesterday since the last one. Good luck all geeky entrants xxx
thank you :hug:
I know the onlder we get the faster time time seems to move along.. should be the other way around I thnk.. I want to enjoy my free time and relish it now :) becvause I am older and wiser to do so !!
I'd forgotten about this, i didn't think it was due to happen for ages.:eek:

I am getting older and time is flying.
Will enter again, I got 3rd place in div 2 last time so will that move me up to div 3 now?

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