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Jan 11, 2003
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Hey Ya'll!!! I have been away and I thought I would catch you up on our latest excitement!!

Last week from Saturday to Wednesday, Sue Marsh and I flew to Italy to do a photoshoot!! I have known Sue for a long, long time but mainly as a collegue and someone I have always respected!! I have come home finding myself still feeling the same but also completely adoring her as a friend too!! I don't think I have laughed as much for a long time!!
We were given an opportunity that doesn't always come along so we seized it with both hands! Sue was able to do anything she wanted on hands and feet for this shoot!! Her abilities know no bounds - she can do ANYTHING!! I have never seen anything like it and I urge you all to chat to Sue if you ever have the opportunity! Talent like this is totally natural and she is a remarkeable lass!!
I can't post the images YET, but I will do when I am able! Equally if I know what magazine they are going in, I will post for you all!! Our model Paula was absolutely GORGEOUS - watch for her name - PAULA WITTIG! She was perfect in every way apart from....her feet guess who's feet are in the shoot!!! Yup Mrs Geek may have her day in Vogue yet (ha ha) - you remember those dreams you have as a kid, well mine was to be the next Cindy Crawford - when I realized that looking more like jessica Rabbit than 6ft and size 2 was to be my future, I got on with other things - it would be cool though wouldn't it!!! :cool:
Anyway, I just had such a great time with her and I wanted to share - SUE is a riot and we really bought out the naughtiness in each other - just don't ask her to do Ozzy Ozbourne impressions - that is best left with me!!! :cool:
Oh what fun you must have had..................Can't wait to see the piccies, Sues work is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O WOW lucky you mrs!!! how cool is that!!! what i wouldnt give to just carry bags for you peeps just to see great artists like sue at work! how inspiring! that would be totally cool to get your feet in vogue! ehehee we can say hey we know those feet lol :D i bet you must feel chuffed to bits!
hey bear me in mind if you need any lugguage gals!! :o :eek: :D ;) cant wait to see the pics xxxx
now! now! mrs.geek.. fishing for compliments? surely you must know how attractive and downright sexy you are!
fiona wallace said:
now! now! mrs.geek.. fishing for compliments? surely you must know how attractive and downright sexy you are!
eek:o :o :o :o don't know what to say - thanks Fi :o :o
wow how cool is that!! very excited for you and looking forward to seeing the pix!!
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