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Hi Geeks

I would love to hear your suggestions as to what Kate Middleton might have her nails like on the big day?

Anyone got any clue what she normally wears? - looks like on her engagement photo's it was a clear polish maybe?

Also seen a few hand pics where her nails look very very short - is she a bit of a nibbler?

Also are you doing anything different for your clients for the Royal Wedding? A union jack minx maybe? any other suggestions?

Thanks Geeks


i suggerst she use my hands so i can get them on wills lol !!


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I think they will be the same as she always has them. Short, neat, sheer polished.

Everyone who's interested will be too busy critiquing the dress to concentrate on her nails :green: xxxx


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i suggerst she use my hands so i can get them on wills lol !!
:lol: Lissa

I can sure tell you what she wont have!! :lol: No tacky nail art for a start!

I think they will be short, neat, feminine and natural looking (even if they aren't).

I know one tech who used to do her late mother in law's nails!! :green: And no I'm not saying who. :green:

We have had so many requests (both for fingers and toes) for Minx Union Jack for the Royal Wedding Day that we have ordered shed loads of them.

Jo has been wearing them in the salon for 3 weeks and suggesting them as an idea and I don't think there is anyone having a pedicure (amongst our British clients) who hasn't asked for them for the RWD! I think peep toes and sandals will be scarce on Easter Sunday in church or they might look a bit 'loud' :lol:
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Yes totally agree with the above, she will have them very natural looking and short. I've never seen her with a french manicure or nail art but I have noticed subtle colour on a few occasions.


Yes I agree, very natural looking, short, shiney and pretty!

I am embaressed to say I will be trying to look at her nails before her dress:lol:


At ABC Beauty Shop we think she will be wearing our CIATE Royal Collection, which is Red (Cocktail Dress) White (Snow Virgin ) & Blue (Power Dressing).
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Yes, short and neat and plain for the day and not a tacky Union Jack to be seen LOL!!!:green:


As it's a royal wedding, I think her nails will look very natural. I just can't imagine she would have a french manicure, in my opinion it wouldn't look appropriate for that kind of a wedding.


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Thank you Geeks,

Very natural I think you're right. Wonder if she will go bare with no product on? The pictures of her engagement her nails were really short but all consistant in length. I couldnt really tell if there was product on them or not - they werent particularly shiney so I suspect it was a polish top coat rather than gel.

I've been asked to run a Charity Pop Up Nail Bar at the Royal Wedding Breakfast in St Andrews which is part of whole Royal Wedding celebration coverage by the BBC. Exciting!

Look out for me on the telly! - I'll be waving:)

I was thinking about offering a Union Jack minx on the day....maybe just on the ring finger of any guests daring enough! There will be plenty kids there too...I think they'd love that. I was also thinking of offering a very natural K-Midd manicure (gel polish) - any suggestions for really good natural free edge colours in Shellac or Gelish? I'm heading to Scottish Beauty on Sunday to buy them.

Thanks Geeks:)