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sawasdee kha

The lady my school her sister wear enhancement for 6 year i see her nail when she take off and her nail very good same new .

I not know how long she take break from enhancement i ask her but i think she take off make new all the time and have many enhancement in 6 year .

Kop khun kha mui


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Feb 5, 2003
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I have embarked on a local college course in Manicure/Pedicure and although our tutor is very nice she has a ‘pet hate’ for nail enhancements. This comes through in her talks etc.

She said that she did not like ‘false nails’ and that they were bad for the finger nails. She said that if you wear them then you should take a break from them regularly at least a week, ideally a month so that your nails can breathe (I know the nail is dead material and therefore does not breathe). She also said that prolonged wearing (she meant years rather than months) would lead to permanent nail damage and possibly even the loss of the natural nail if the matrix was irreversibly damaged or ‘killed’.

On the first evening she mentioned the fact (or not) that enhancements will damage the nail and I begged to differ with her saying that it was a known fact the damage, if any, was caused by the inexperience of the technician and not by the enhancement itself. Her reply to this was ‘well they would say that wouldn’t they’! (they meaning the technicians). I let this pass but it has worried me somewhat and now as I mentioned above she made the additional statements stated above.

She is the tutor (a beauty therapist with a dislike of nail enhancements) and I the student. In my own ignorance I do not feel that I can argue these points successfully with her since I have no back up data. The other girls on my course are obviously taking all this in and believing her every word I should think. Where can I get some hard data which I can show her and stop the myth she is creating amongst people who may well perhaps have been considering training in Nail Enhancements before hearing all this.

I hope you can help me here! Especially perhaps someone with some clout (Mr Geek)!

Oh and I have had to remove my enhancements for the duration (3 terms for gawds sake!) Is this really necessary?
That Jerry Lewis would be better qualified to teach your course.

All of the points you have mentioned that she made are not true and make her sound like a doofus if she continues to perpetuate these stupid myths.
  • Nails don’t breath. I will give £100 to the first individual that successfully revives a plate from mouth to nail resuscitation.
  • There is no product that can damage a nail plate. Ask her for her proof. It is the technique that is either used in ignorance by the user, or out of the necessity required by a crappy system (i.e. something that requires you to shred the nail plate for adhesion)
  • What is defined as prolonged wearing? I know women that have worn enhancements continuously for over 10 years and their nail plates are perfectly fine. Heck they are in better condition then if they hadn’t been wearing them as they are protected from daily wear and tear (as well as solvent exposure). Many derms are now recommending coating the nails for this very reason. She is in fact... contradicting many doctors.

    This stinks. Its like having a racist teach African history.

    I would issue a complaint to the college and ask why this is happening.
That old song ya know bout having HIGH HOPES. Your high hope is that you are able to change this womans thinking / viewpoint / opinion / false ideas..... good luck.

On the bright side, perhaps we can consider that she is merely one of the techs who prefers the lure of Natural Nails --- many in the USA have turned to that niche. And there is much to be said in favor of natural nails and God bless them and wish them all the success, ect ect.
on the DARK SIDE. she is one of those ANTI (fill in the blank) persons.
I deal with that type A L L O F T H E T I M E.
I find that you dont succeed in altering their wacked out viewpoint....
why, well you can just guess I surpose. They are basically ( fill in the blank again ) ,,, Extreme,,, or Unrational,,, or Emotional,,, Unreasonable,,, ect ect, you get the point.
So, While I do wish you success NeetNaiz,
my advice
is that you concentrate on your studies
concentrate on your practice
and leave the ones that choose to be a silly arse, in your dust.
Best of luck and wishes for success to you.
arse ? Am I allowed to write arse on this message board ? Is that ok or is that going too far ?
Meanwhile let me make a pitch for a couple of books for which by the way I dont get one thin dime for talkin up ---- everyone should have a copy of Nail Structure and Product Chemistry by Doug Schoon AND a copy of Vickie Peters intro book ( she is gona kill me, I forgot the title name and I loaned it out ).
Also, being of a curious bent, I wonder what nail textbook is generally used over in the UK. In the USA the schools generally use Midlady's Art & Science of Nail Technology.
Ollieninh has given you the best book possible in the Doug Schoone book.

He is the world authority on nail structure and product chemistry and he discusses the exact subject you are talking about at length in his book of the same name.

If she reads this chapter and still holds her opinions then she is just very stubborn and not worth bothering about. Some people always think they know more than world experts in their field.

As to Ollieninh's question the 'Encyclopedia of Nails' is a very informative book written by Jacqui Jefford and Anne Swain from right here in the UK. It is used extensively and is the preferred favorite of many students.
many thanks for your info peeps, mu initial reaction was and maybe still is to keep my head down and ignore all she said about enhancements. Problem is that some people on the course are/were [pobably considering a course in enhancements and statements like that to the ignorant will be taken on board as truth and perhaps they will change the road they are walking. Maybe that's their problem but it is again someone deriding the profession.

Food for thought, but thanks again
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