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Oct 3, 2003
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Hi every1

Ive decided 2 take my nvq in nails b4 it all changes.
My induction day is on da 17th & i dont mind admitting it im terrified.
Its not da practicals but all da theory. Ive bin reading da nails encyclo but im worried ill get shell shocked or im reading it & not storing da information. Sorry 4 rambling on but 4 me gettin this far is a big achievement on its own as i suffer from panic attacks. I so want 2 get this right. Any information any 1 can give me on the nvq will b graetly received :)
hi you will be fine ,i think there is a lot of info on here about the nvq if you go to search and type it in there will be something come up i am sure ,as for the theory it wont be that bad yeah there probably willl be a lot but once you get into it i am sure it will all make sense, i know coz i was rubbish at school(not 1 gcse to my name ) but when i went to college to do hair and beauty i passed everything,it helps when you are intersted in what you are studying so dont worry you will be fine ,love dee

Dont panic! Got to www.designernails.com and look at the nvq section you can down load it and print it off. Its all you need to know!!

Panic over! ;)
Just study, you will find that your passion for nails feeds your hunger for knowlege and soon you will be feeding both without realizing the work you are doing!! Best wishes!!
I am currently doing my NVQ with Anne Swain at OSNS Milton Keynes, I have done 4 workbook workshops and 4 assessments in 4 weeks, it is hard work on the theory side but well worth it, The Encyclopedia of Nails is the only reference book that we use as it is very knowledgable and it has all the answers. The NVQ section on the Designer Nails website is also very helpful for finding the answers. I only have 2 assessments to do now 1 in May and 1 in June then the NVQ will be finished.

The workbook is hard work, it was for me anyway, I work approx 70 hrs per week as a nail tech, and have personal family problems but I made the effort to go the workshops every week so that the workbook could be completed in 4 weeks.

Your tutor will help you with everything that you need I am sure, that is what they are there for.

Good luck with your NVQ,

For all ur help, also the private messages.
I have downloaded all the information from the designer nails site on nvq
reading through it now. Just hoping this is everything i need.
Cheers 4 the help ladies
love j x :)
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