The cost of a rebalance - opinions?


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Aug 29, 2007
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bradford, west yorkshire
I recently posted a different thread about a client who leaves it far too long before a rebalance. she asks for her white in zone 1 to be far too low on the nail bed, and I suspect that this is a money saving thing, so that her white in zone 1 lasts longer. someone on that thread asked me about my rebalance pricing structure and this has got me thinking........

currently I charge the same for a rebalance whether it is after 2 weeks or more. I include 1 repair with the cost, but additional repairs are charged extra. My thinking is that if a rebalance is overdue, additional repairs are almost a certainty and so the cost of a rebalance after 3 or 4 weeks is usually more anyway.

What do you think? Would you charge a higher basic rate for a +3 week rebalance, or would you just charge for the extra repairs as I do??

Any advice appreciated

Do you mean Infill (maintenance)?
Most of my customers come for 2 wk maintenance and rarely have 1 missing or broken. I do have a couple of clients who`s nails grow so slowly that even a 3 wk infill is sometimes not nec but I do have two separate prices 2 wk & 3 wk. As for charging for repairs or 3 wk infill`s I would do both if she thinks she is saving money she will soon realize its not to her benefit. Does she lose more than 1 nail ?.

I learned to change my maintenance pricing as I experienced a similar problem to yours when not long qualified a client just didn't want to pay every 2 weeks and bluntly said so, I then introduced the 3 wk infill...... she soon found another tech just out of training, but thats fine by me as I found I was busting my a.. every 3 weeks working on trashed nails practically doin a full set for half the price and getting an ear bashing on how she couldn't afford 2 wk maintenance and would I throw in some nail art too.

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