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Dec 27, 2007
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Sunny South! UK
Did anyone watch the first episode of Big Brother last night? I thought it was so mean what they made John do, ie repeat everything Mat Lucas said to the other housemates, it was funny but I felt really sorry for him, Irish dancing, getting cramp, asking if someone had a 'stick-on beard??' saying 'cake' for nothing!! poor bloke, wonder what else they have in store for the housemates:lol:
haha i just new id come on here this morning and there would be a thread about this, it was sooooo cringe!!! i had 2 turn over a few times it made me feel so awkward. poor poor bloke! he did well though, i hope he has gained respect from the others, he deservs it, im sure i would of just ended up telling matt lucas where 2 go, speshly when he was trying 2 get him 2 massage the boxer bloke (who may i add is EXTREMELLY fit!!!) ahh what can possibly happen next xxx
I a thoroughly cheesed off...I can't get E4 so I can't watch it...plus it went off channel 4 to go to E4 while you were watching it...how rude!!!! :irked:

I was actually cringing like crazy and couldn't look at the tv at some points...I was so embarrassed when poor John had to give a massage to the fit boxer...but I DID want to carry on watching it .... shame I couldn't grrrrrrr :mad:
my daughter thought it was great but i was bored silly and had to change the channel in the end, i do think this series will be tedious and boring as they try to play down the mistakes made last year but in the meantime they will loose viewers, why not just have normal cbb and tell them all not to mention religion or food, or ethnic origin in the same sentence, (i still feel the whole jade thing was blown way out of proportion)
maybe im just boreing and dont like change, pmsl (this is what my daughter sais):lol:
i thought that John as the first housemate in handled the task very well
I'm well and truly miffed :irked:

Was all ready and settled to sit down and watch, but when I realised that only the launch show was being broadcast on Channel 4 and not the entire thing, I couldn't be ar*ed (I don't have E4, satellite or cable and don't see why I should be forced to subscribe to something which has been ordinarily been broadcast on Channel 4 for the last 7 years!)

Well done Channel 4, first Lost, then Big Brother. If they stop E.R., I'm emigrating!
Is anyone still watching it ?? Im loving it! x
I havent watched any of it tbh, but I did go onto Youtube today to see the whole Scott Mills going bogeyed on there! Chris Moyles was talking about it today! Very funny! xxxx
im still watching shelley! and loving it!! its fab! its just heating up now aswell!! xx
I would rather bite my nails than watch this rot :rolleyes:

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