they fell off !


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Apr 15, 2006
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oh my goodness, its happened again !!! someone has just told me that they paid 50 quid to have overlays (not by me! and they didnt no if it was gel or l &p ) and guess what they just fell off !!! i asked how they came off because they dont just fall off and she was quite sure they just FELL OFF ! incrediable !
and all by them selves too....:lol:....did you shake your hands at her and say "look mine don't fall off"
I wish I could see a set "fall off" so I can understand!
she probably means they lifted off if someone hasn't prep'd properly they will lift quite easily but i love it when they say they fell off it makes me giggle xx
i recon it must be magic ! AND she said if they had'nt fallen off she was gonna have to pay 30 quid to have them taken off, i know i'v had a couple tonight but come on !???:eek::)
£30???????????????? :lol::lol:
i know £30.00 i must be going wrong somewhere !
yeah me too hun lol
either that or they think i'v just flown in from another planet !
one of my practice hands was my mother in law. I applied a set of get nails. after I'd applied the gel, she said she wanted oval not square. aargh!!!! lesson learnt ask shape !st!!!! loads of filling. Next day she said they came off in the shower. It was my sister in law that explained that while she is in the shower she scrubs it with scowrer and bathroom cleaner. My gutted feeling that I had failed subsided slightly!!!!:rolleyes:
yes clearly she didn't follow the after care rules lol cheeky devils :lol:
naot a fail, a lesson learnt ! i'm sure it would have been far quicker for to have asked you to reshape than to have them all just fall off just like that, just like magic !:lol:
scratchers, have you got any comp pics, i'd love to see them
Maybe hit in the head, certainly not fall off.
As we know the task and time for removing nails can be tedious.
I have never observed a nail enhancement fall off.
Maybe there is a group with cameras to record clients with nail fall off syndrome.
I recall a fall off situation where a client was claiming that her nails fell off in bed when she was asleep. I encourged her to come back so I could see her fall off nail situation.
They had been attacked on the sides with bits missing,chewed, just like they would look if they had been mini midnight snacks. The story changed when she admitted her fingers would find their way into her mouth when she would sleep. I encourged her to seek medical advice, YA never know what else may find its way into her mouth only when she was sleeping, of course.... She suddenly stopped having fall off nail syndrome.
Sorry to offend, It's in the past...
i would love to charge the £50 to have them on let alone £30 soak off!!!....but where i lived....if we charged that price i would have no one..
as for them falling off scratches said.....they must have lifed ...
i have heard falling off and sliding off ...wonder what is next!!!:lol:
....jumping off? LOL
yeah, maybe

or swam off in the bath ?

That really made me :lol:

I had a client last week that came for infills and she said this one just pinged off, as she held up a finger with a nail that still had half of the l&p on it! So I said, I take it that the other half didn't decide to ping off then! :)
I had a client that brought me 2 nails that "fell off". Little did she know that all the white stuff attached to the back of her "fallen off" nails was her own nail and it matched up with the damaged nail plate. As soon as I pointed this out she went very quiet :lol:

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