Three days away !!


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Aug 16, 2003
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Three days in Cornwall starting today. A quick break to recharge some batteries (mine!) after the first week working on my own. I have decided a break prior to the show and my manicure course at Salisbury will give me the little extra vrooom that I need as I come to terms with working for myself, on my own, for the first time in nearly 30 years of being 'employed' ! So, a few wanders along beaches, a visit to the Minack and a few bags of chips on harbour walls ..... maybe with a white wine. I love wine and chips !!! :)

:cool: ............. although the forecast is rain !!

Dee xxx back Thursday.

Love from Somerset
have fun pooh, i`m sure it will be warm rain.
good luck for the future.
chips and wine sounds great, might try that myself :D
dawn x
BARGAIN!! Njoy your time away; you'll need it for all the work you will be doing from now on..... :shock: look forward to meeting you at ExCeL!! ;)
chips and wine? nah, it`ll make the chips all soggy.
Have a great break, watch those hangovers
Well have a super break......
as for chips and wine, sounds fab, better then vinegar any day....

love Ruth xxxxx
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