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Jul 28, 2006
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West Midlands

I've been looking on the web for new jobs in Bristol and came across an ad for a PA which needs to have a "National Certificate in office technology and Administration" qualification.

I have never heard of this qual and think myself quite familiar with all the business quals out there.

Does anyone know what it is or do you perhaps have one ??

My search on Google hasn't brought anything up.....


Is it an NVQ? Once you find it, look at the syllabus and ensure you cover it in your CV - "I am experienced and proficient in all areas covered by an NVQ Level _ in __________"

I haven't got a clue I have been a PA for 9 years and have never heard of this, I have got a Diploma in secretarial and administrative procedures?! Maybe this is a new thing, I think by national certificate they might just mean i.e. NVQ or Diploma? Just a recognised certificate?

I have worked as a PA / Paralegal / Personal Executive Assistant for 17 years and have never come across this. I have the London Chamber of Commerce Private & Exec secretaries diploma among others... maybe its a new name for an old thing such as this ?
Glad to hear I'm not the only one who hasn't heard of this qual !! :lol:

I have heard of all of the other quals you girls have mentioned, but have never come across the "National Certificate in office technology and administration". As suggested, it might be a new type of qualification or perhaps they do mean NVQ ....:lol:

London Chamber of Commerce Private & Exec secretaries diploma among others


What did you think of the LCCI Diploma course ? I've been looking at doing this course for a while but none of the colleges in Birmingham offer the course. Bournville College have started offering the course this year, but of course I'm moving to Bristol !!

Would you recommend the course ? What does it cover ?

What did you think of it ?


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