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May 12, 2003
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Nr Gatwick, West Sussex
Hi all,
just thinking about this some more at work and thought id see what you guys thought.......
last week i had a regular client in (i've been doing her nails for nearly 2 yrs now)
and the phone rang it was an important call i had to take and was work related......i was on the phone for sometime (about 5-10mins) and when i managed to end my call i came back to my client and she wasn't v happy, she said she didn't like me answering the phone while she had her nails done........i was the only one in the salon at the time and the only time we leave the phone to ring is if we are mid nail, massage etc... i apologized for being away but she said that she leaves the answering machine to pick up her calls (she is a hairdresser) i said that we always answer the phone if we can, but she said that i'd lose clients if i carried on with answering the phone......i ended up giving her 20% off her treatment because she made me feel so intimidated and of course to keep her happy
unfortunately the regular client has her appts the day after we are closed and first thing so of course the phone can be a bit mad sometimes and leaving the answering machine to pick up the calls doesn't help as i never seem to find the time to call back!
no one else had ever mentioned the phone before so......

should i carry on as normal the next time she is in or not answer the phone?


ps sorry if i went on a :D
Hi Jess,
My opinion is ---
I don't think that answering the call was as bad as the amount of time you were on the phone ... 5-10 minutes is a long time.

I would answer but keep the call really brief and if you can't do that, take the number and return the call later.

I would be annoyed If I was kept waiting that long.

If a client is paying for our time, I think we should give our undivided (within reason) to them.
Hi Jess,

I've had my nails done in a salon in the past and the girl kept answering the phone and it was almost as if with each phone call she lost more and more concentration with my nails and forgot which nail she was filing etc (not saying this happened to you) but a customer, paying around £25-£30 an hour for a service expects to be "pampered" and focused on :!:

Maybe an answer phone stating that you're with a client would be better? It's a bit of a no-win siuation cos if you answer the phone you make your customer unhappy and if you don't you could lose custom.... :(

But Geeg is right, if you are going to answer the phone anything more than a minute is too long... :rolleyes: ;) :D
Sawasdee ka

I think can have problem another way 5 days before thai lady come my shop i sit do nail and her phone ring ring all the time and i can not think .

And i can do nail in 1 hour 30 or 1 hour 40 but after 2 hour 10 minute i still not finish nail and she say i have to go i come back finish tomorrow .

When i go home i think i not let people eat or smoke cigarette my shop but how i can tell lady you not answer mobile too much give me headache .

When i do this lady nail i not enjoy she ring me early morning my home day after come shop finish nail i go finish nail .

If i have choose i would have no eat smoke or mobile my shop but i can not tell no mobile because i think them angry me .

If i have was have nail in a lady shop and she go 10 minute for me no problem i can wait not long time only short time .

Kop khun ka mui
Well I wouldn't answer the phone, or like Geeg said, I would keep it to a minimum and call them back.

I know that this is hard, and when I get my shop there will be only me to start off with which is why an answer phone will be essential. If it gets busy then I will have to get a receptionist in.

Obviously it will be more hectic when I need to make time to return all the calls, but if that is what it takes to make the client happy then that is top priority.
Sorry to say this but it was a long time to be on the phone. I wouldn`t let an answerphone pick it up unless I was at a point where I couldn`t leave the client, but I would excuse myself and make it very brief. You have to consider all the clients you have and try to keep them all happy
Sorry Jess but I also think to leave a client unattended for 5 or 10 minutes is not a good practice. :oops: Your client may also be pushed for time. I think to keep it very brief or answer machine would be a better option.
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