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Jan 28, 2007
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new milton
i'm a newly trained nail geek, currently in practice mode waiting for my assessment, i'm using acrygel and love it!:green:
i've had a string of willing guinea pigs into the salon so i can practice. today i had two friends in who have previously been nail bitters, have kicked the habit so both had a free edge of about 1.5 mm. both wanted to add a little bit of length but still keeping them practical. The first set i used forms and sculpted for the set then the second i used tips, both had a natural pink overlay.
sorry to ramble
i guess i'm just wondering if either method is better for that type of situation when you're only adding a few mm to the length:confused:
sorry if i'm sounding a bit dense,
also, do you charge extra for sculpts, they took me 1hr 45 mins the other set took 1.5 hrs
thanks in advance :green: xx
What ever your more comfortable with .. I never tip.. 100% sculptor.
depends on allot of factors......

the client
state of their nails
what sort of enhancement , ect ...

I do both and am quite comfortable doing both..........

I charge the same amount for sculpts as tips.......

I charge more however if using glitter of any kind .....
i perfer to tip as i find these work well in my salon and my clients love them also
I nearly always sculpt. I find I can do it alot quicker then tipping. I charge the same for either.
thanks for your replys, i have to say although the scupts took longer i enjoyed doing them more.doing my friends nails for her wedding later in the week, no pressure! xx
Have just recently fallen in love with sculpting. I actually find it quicker than using tips.
I use both & charge the same for both .
I do both and charge the same :)

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