Top coat or no coat?


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Depends on the product you are putting the top coat over.

Some products yellow and need a UV resistant topcoat to inhibit the yellowing problem.

Otherwise the advantage is that it is quicker to apply a shiny topcoat than to high-gloss-shine all the nails with a buffer. I used to charge more for doing this extra buffing as it takes more time.

Normally I would finish with a white block and then apply Super Shiney top coat for the high glossy look.
Working to the white block stage is enough before applying enamel colour.

Once you have applied base coat, 2 coats of colour and a top coat it will be shiney enough for anyone! :D
Hi geeg

Im always trying to get a super shiny finish and thats great advice for time saving for the client if they wanted to save some money. Would you try to get this finish if covering with nail polish?

Cristine :)
On L&P and Fibreglass i.e.Fabric it's buff baby buff.................

You will find that a buff shine will last longer, doesn't scratch off ...........
Buffing a nail also means they can walk and do as soon as they have left the station.............. no need to wait for polish to dry ..............Also a buff is like a mini massage, it get the blood going in the nailbed.......... ahhhhhhhhhh bless!!!!! I do spoil my clients, little do they know, I love buffing....................!!!!!

Buffing nails doesn't take any longer then applying top coat and waiting for it to dry..................Finish nail,scrubfresh on the finishing side of the buffer, this way you get better contact between nail and buffer, more friction more shine ....................I buff if I can get a way with it, ie they dont want or need a colour and it's 3-4 minutes and its done...............
Fabric doesn't yellow and nor does Creative L&P, so the only time I would use a top coat would be either on enamel or I would use a UV enhancer to make the white even whiter looking..........

just my thoughts
love Ruth xxxxxxxx


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Sep 17, 2003
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After completing a full set or infill and client does not require a polish im not sure wether to apply a top coat or not would there be any advantage to this?

Cristine :)
I totally agree with Ruth on Buff is Best!

I was taught to buff to a high shine on all my clients so that is what i do.

My clients love it as it really looks great and its low maintenance for them. It really does last to their next appointment too!

The girlfriend buffer from Creative is great - very quick and the Scrubfresh tip really works.

Never thought about charging more for this service though as I thought this was the standard Creative service.
It certainly would be standard on a full set or a rebalance that was going to be worn natural BUT it simply is not necessary on a client who wants to wear polish, be it clear or coloured.
Therefore if a client wanted both - high gloss buff and polish, I would charge extra. There comes a point where you have to stop giving it away.
For me I either include a high gloss buff or a polish but not both, but that is me as I don't think that to do unnecessary work is reasonable. No one is obliged to agree with me. :D
Buffing nails doesn't take any longer then applying top coat and waiting for it to dry..................Finish nail,scrubfresh on the finishing side of the buffer[/quote]

The scrubfresh tip how what and why??? - sounds good

I never thought about offering the choice between polish or a buffed shine on my service menu.

Thats good practise - I can definately save some time here! Plus I dont think that some people realise you can wear polish over the top of their enhanced nails.

As ever thanks alot for the excellent new information I had not thought of before!

Its a good job I do my leaflets etc on my own computer otherwise I would be charged a fortune for reprints!
Right Didi,
To get a super dooper shine on your enhancements...........
When you are read to buff...............
First apply some solar oil to the nail and use a Koala or other 1200 grid buffer and buff away.............
Scubfresh the nail to remove any residual oil..........
Then use the black side of you girlfriend buffer & buff, then the white side of the girlfriend buffer & buff....
then when you come to the grey side of the buffer, wipe some scrubfresh along the surface and buff away............
This provides maximum contact between the buffer and the nail......
I wipe the grey side ones for each nail...........

hope this helps
happy buffing babe xxx
love Ruth xxx
Thanks for the tip - i will try tomorrow on my client!
:D Hello everybody peeps,

I always buff to a high shine unless polish is requested, although a few of my clients said that they had never had them buffed shiney before just had super shiney polish on. I personally always have mine buffed i seems to last longer and i think they look better plus i can just give them a quick once over with my girlfriend buffer in between clients, if i think they need it! :D :D although i'm never satistfied with my nails, one day i think i've got them just right :D then :frust: i want to change them again and do something completely different!!!!!
When I did my original training, I was taught to finish with a top coat. Then I did the Creative Foundation Course and was taught to buff to a high shine. WOW....... its absolutely magic. A lady that has been coming to me since I started was well impressed by this improvement in my service and I feel that clients will take more care of their enhancements because it's a natural shine and not just a top coat - know what I mean :D
Also, you are sending your clients away with dry nails rather than tacky ones [and if they pay you at the end, they won't damage their shiny nails by digging into their purses].
I love the buffing stage - except my arms ache!!!!!! :p
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