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Mar 25, 2006
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just need some advice really, l planned to training in the Brisa nail system, this training was planned for july/sept this year but it had to be cancelled by me because of work commitments, then a restructureof the company took place as we all know!!
l planned to do my training in the next few weeks but phoned up my local trainer and was shocked and upset that the price i was quoted of £200 has rocketed to nearly £350-£400 just for the Brisa training but because i went to college for my original training i was advised to start all over again, so another £500 plus.
l only do my nails as a hobby as i enjoy doing nails, but i want to use good quality products (i use star nails) any one got ideas where i can get good quality training that does not cost the earth!!!!! or ideas where i go from here!!!
If you are wanting to do nails just as a hobby then essential nails do reasonable priced training and you can do it at home in your own time but you will still be restricted as to which products you will be able to use,
if you are wanting to use creative products then you have to do the training with them, their training is very good and well worth the money,
there are lots of other good training providers
NSI just to name a couple, if you have a look around the site you will see lots of names for training

Can anyone help approximately 3 years ago I decided to career change to nails. After completing the essential nails home study course and NVQ nail art and airbrushing at my local college, due to ill health I had to put my dream on hold although I have continued to treat friends and family. I am now feeling alot better and would love to get back on track. I have contacted my local college about retraining but I dont really want to wait until september to start. Can anyone recommend or suggest any intensive courses in and around the Durham/Newcastle area. Thanks

Karon :hug:

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