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Jun 1, 2003
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Dublin, Ireland.
Just wondering if this is happening to anyone else.

Over the last 3 weeks or so I have been receiving emails to my 'Liberty' email address (as opposed to my personal email address). Not just the odd one every now and again, but as many as 10 in one day and a day doesn't go by without me receiving at least 3 or 4. Now, luckily my web host provides virus protection and so removes the virus from the email before it's delivered to me, so I just end up getting the email with notification that a particular virus was attached but has been removed. Another little 'hurdle' I have for these pesky emails to get past is a programme called 'Mailwasher' which I would highly recommend to anyone ( I can preview the emails BEFORE downloading them to my Outlook Express, and then delete, bounce, blacklist them so they can't get through again in future. Very handy little feature.

Anyway, a large percentage of these emails have been 'apparently' sent from 'nail' related people. Only today, amongst the other dross I was sent, I received 2 emails 'apparently' sent from 'Laystar' and another one from 'GigiRouse'. I can't remember the full address it gave for 'Laystar' but the other was '[email protected]'. Now I realise that these haven't been sent by the 'genuine' people (so Gigi & Laystar - I know it wasn't you! :o ), but I was just wondering how it was possible for the viruses to be sent to a person from addresses of people (or similar addresses) that one may know or know of - does anybody know? I don't have a clue how the whole virus thing works, ie, how they end up being sent to you, so I'm puzzled as to how they keep getting sent to my 'Liberty Nail Design' email addy and not my personal email address. I can't remember the last time I received a virus sent to my personal email addy.

Has anyone else been having this problem recently? Not just 'normal' viruses being sent from unknown email addresses, but viruses being sent from 'recognisable' email addresses (if that makes sense?).

Someone who was infected has an email from you/to you or you are in their address book. The same person will also have a similar situation with the others mentioned.

I wish I only got 10 a day. I get about 200 per day as over 2000 people have had an email from me at one time.
The classic is I get messages from virus scanners saying that I sent a message with a virus in it and it had been rejected (obviously to people I never sent a message to!).
Thats because the viruses out forge the to and reply addresses.
Thanks Mr Geek............ 200 a day!!! Oh goodness - methinks I'd better stop whingeing about a measly 10! *LOL*

I think I kind of understand what you're saying, is there any way of tracking down who is infected or do we just have to grin and bear it?

Can I use the one I received today from '[email protected]' (sorry Geeg!!) as an example for me to try to get my head around this? Does this mean (probably) that wherever this has come from, the infected pc belongs to someone who has sent/received emails from myself as well Gigi and the other 'nail related' email addresses that have contained viruses? And does it show the person's real email address or just show the first name of the person which I'd recognise, eg. 'GigiRouse' and add a false 'end' to the address eg. ''. Not sure if I'm making myself very clear here. :o

I know this isn't nail related, but I'd be very grateful for any help.

ME TO!!!!!!!!!!!

They are driving me nuts!!!!!!!!

I had the gigi one to, twice, i have been meaning to PM her to see if it was from her. I get them from bio sculpture and mark antony airbrush to???????

i get about 20 per day, i have been told its from "mydoom" and "netsky" but Notorn anti vrus protects me, its just annoying!!! Im wondering if i have deleted anything important but i wont take the risk. So whoever you nasty virus is, GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!![/COLOR]
My boyfriend and I had scary virus attacks repeatedly last month. In the end it completely ko'd our machine, even WITH Norton Anti-Virus! A complete reformatting, lots of cash and great amounts of banging our heads against the wall, and we're back online (hurrah!)

As a general rule now though, we won't open anything from an unfamiliar Hotmail address, ESPECIALLY if they contain an attachment, as many of the viruses and corrupt files we received were from Hotamil addresses.


G. x
yes id just like to say iv been getting these e-mails to same as lberty but from unreconiged source from "netsky"

it is very annoying !!!
take care
a little while ago, i was having a similar problem with huge amounts of e-mail & virus alerts from norton & blue yonder.
i spend at least 1hr on the phone with the geek trying to get to the bottom of it.
i eventually had to install netscape as the problem was whittled down to "explorer".
i've been told i've got to reinstall windows :evil:
things were fine for ages, but for the last few days i've been getting 10-20 e-mails per day from blue yonder telling me that they have intercepted a virus. :evil:
i hope the same problems don't occur as i get terrible withdrawal symptoms from not being able to log on here :cry:
liza xx
I was going to say I'm glad it's not just me - but that doesn't sound particularly sympathetic! I'm still getting them, and although the virus is removed before I actually download the email, it's just such a nuisance knowing it's happening.

Oh well, looks like it's just one of those things we have toput up with in life, although I'm still curious as to how some of them appear to have come from someone you know, but from a slightly different email address!

Liberty Nail Design
Hiya Jackie,
I have a program called mail washer on my pc, This means i can preview my e-mails before actually opening outlook express. This way i can blacklist and bounce back any dodgy mail i recieve.
Lesley x
Sorry all you who are getting things from Gigi ..... they're not from me unless you request something from me.
We know it's not you Gigi! ;)

Lesley, I have Mailwasher too - it's the business, huh? I was going to recommend it to everyone here but just noticed the site is under construction and I think it has been for some time. Looks like we were lucky enough to get it in time!

I must express my frustration too - I am getting about 20 a day which isn't huge but mighty annoying... will it ever end - that is the question???:o
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