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Sep 20, 2007
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going to take over a room in the next couple of weeks.
the place used to do matis and has lots of wall hangings, and stand-up display pictures.

where can i get similar but to offer generic treatments like massage, reflexology, aromatherapy?

would like any publicity posters, stand-up displays, etc.

has anybody made their own?

I got a paper roll-up blind which I got for £1 in the sale from B&Q, its like rice paper and rolls up. i took the string out so that it can't be rolled up and have put it on the wall.
Staples do all sorts of stands for leaflets, posters etc. I'm not sure what their prices are like, I just remember seeing them in there. Good idea with the roll-up blind though - I like that!
thanks both, had a quick look at the site you recommended and have bookmarked it. says £6.95 for an A2 poster.
If it's posters you're after, then Capital Hair & Beauty stock a fairly good range of different ones.

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