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Oct 14, 2003
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I have started hearing more and more about water encased nail art. Can anyone tell me what it is and any pointers on how to do it? Thanx :?

Here is an example...I think I know how its done, but im just about to leave for work, i'll post when i get home.

I've read the instructions somewhere on the web...i'll dig em up for you later ;-)

The pic you posted looks very interesting and I searched around the net but couldn't find anything...... how on earth is it done?......???

I've heard of this done with oil and sand. I think, and I'm not sure, you have to put two clear tips together put some oil, sand, water whatever you want to use, in between and then seal the edges with acrylic. Never tried it myself but may give it a go. I know Rachel at K-Sa-Ra has done it before. Why not email her on [email protected] and ask her. I'm sure she won't mind.
I've done it before and that is the method except that you put the 2 clear tips together with a little gap and seal the edges with acrylic before you add the bits and liquid!! :D :D

Because of the gap between the tips the nails have to be very long or the apex of the nail looks way way too thick once you have sealed the liquid in with another bead of acrylic and finished off the nail.

This is not something you will be doing on the general public! But the concept won the Creative Alternative Nail Award first prize 4 years ago in London ... conceived and executed by a lovely Japanese girl.
I did say I wasn't sure!!! :D I think I'll definitely give it a go even if it's just for a laugh!!! Thanx for that Geeg :thumbsup:
So how do you get the 'bits' into a small gap?
As you say, this technique isn't for public consumption but it's sort of interesting I think and very unusual
By being very careful!!! If you take your time I'm sure it'll work but I think it will be very messy!!! :rolleyes:
I used a hypodermic needle to insert the oil and water mixture and we put some coloured sand in too which was definitely 'trial and error', but it looked sensational in the end. :D
Geeg sawasdee kha

When i in bangkok i see magazine 2003 otowa nail championship japan and lady let me look and i see have creative 1 page in magazine .

In japan have creative tech and i see 1 more japan magazine have about creative .

Kop khun kha mui
Wow guys - this is amazing!!

I've never tried it, but I sure remember that fantastic shot that won the Alternative Nail Awards - it was so gorgeous - does anyone (Geeg?) know how to get the picture? Maybe Mrs Geek has it in her files?

Well - I'm going to try it! I'm such an nail art fan - and something like this just blows my mind. I'll let you guys know, shall take a snap and post it - just promise not to laugh!!

Here it is - what a laugh!!

Looks ok - but my goodness, was all fingers and thumbs.....http://kookynails.tripod.com/mypics/id4.html

Thanks to Layla for getting this thing on board 8)
No problemo pink chickadee!! ;) ;) ;) ;)

Its so meeping tres funkay!

check out this link for some more encased art and lots of other fab nail art


Amanda, that is AMAZING!!! Did you go away and do that after reading the post on the board? I am impressed!!!

And Stanleyann thank you for posting that link - aren't those nails wonderful!?

I stumbled across that webpage some time ago and have been trying to find it ever since! Thanks for ending my search! I'm going to go and look with awe at those nails now!

hi karen............i can only dream of ever being able to create some nail art like that :D

it's taking me all my time trying to perfect a basic set of acrylic enhancments never mind something like that...lol :p but who knows....we all have to start at the begining and work our way up i suppose

i'm glad your search for that site is over, there is nothing worse than finding a good website and then losing it :rolleyes:

Wow! the nail art is really inspiring :D
I loved that piccie, but even more the chat last night, when you explained how it was done lol !!!!!!
Wellies, white coat and a horse needle................
This had me giggling all night.
Thanks for a lovley chat, must do it again soon!!!!!!!!!!!

love Ruth xxx
wow! what brill pics! amanda how talented are you!! you should be really proud of yourself being able to do that so quickly after getting the instructions - amazing :D

Hi guys

Thank you so much - actually it was a hilarious scene. I was chatting with Ruth and Caroline last night - well it was hysterical.

Imagine this - me on the floor, Gelbond everywhere trying to stick the two tips together right at the edge, rhinestones - glitter on the walls - horse vet box at the ready - hypodermic, buffers, airbrush - you name it, every last item of nail stuff was in attendance.

:huh: I was sweating but challenged and as usual - Gigi had made it sound so easy - I thought I'll have a go!! :bouncy:

I was really pleased with it - and I'm really glad I did it. You must have a go - here was my sequence - greatly condensed!! :shock:

Lay one clear tip on top of the other.
Raise the top tip at the contact area, so that it's only making contact at the end.
Gelbond here. (and there and here and there!!)
Seal with clear L & P up the side walls
Drop in rhinestones, Smarties, family jewels - coloured water I thought once I'd sealed the bloody thing up!!
Inject water - no needle (pretty strange thing to have knocking around)?
Use your pipette instead - perfect!
Seal up with clear L & P
Mop up sweat
I airbrushed around the edges to hide dodgy bits.
Super Shiney.

Voila - it's a hole night in people - you have been warned!!
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