Waxing an 11 year old


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Jun 8, 2010
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Norfolk UK
Hi Geeks,

I'm after a bit of advice. A neighbour (and friend) has asked me to wax her daughter's legs...the daughter want's it done...she is quite dark haired & skinned so I completely understand. I have no intention of doing it for her as I'm not insured and am pleased I have a valid excuse really. But I'd like to take a positive back to her when I say no...any other ideas apart from cream and shaving for hair removal, what would you all say to help her out, I think she's really quite conscious of it.

Thanks in advance XX
I'd be interested in the replies you get here too. Only this weekend my 10 year old neice was begging me to wax her legs as she is so self concious about them.
I suggested hair cream removal (obviously advised mum to look for a gentle/ unperfumed one and to also ensure she does a patch test before smothering the legs!)

So geeks any advice much appreciated here too.

H x
Yes, I really feel for her. My insurance co. says I can't do under 16's...think I need to change as I read on another thread that he Guild do 12 and older.
i saw a tv article about a mum who got her daughter waxed, around thatage, as she was paraniod that she would try to shave without her mum kowing and cut herself.

so possibly advise the mum to keep razors out of the way.

other than that i dont know what to say. xx
its so sad really. I heard about a young girl of 13 and was bullied at school for her hairy legs. Personally I was almost crying when I read about the months of abuse she had suffered at the hands of some girls at school.

I think you could call your insurance company, ask them the implications of waxing your niece, a relation. Would it be permisable if she was a practise model for a new wax you were trialling at the salon?. would she be a paying customer? would her mother agree to speak to your insurance company if needed? I dont have the right answers but I feel for your niece.
Personally my insurance lets me do it but i prefer to have a age limit, and with clients kids that are under 16 sometimes some treatments are not suitable.

Waxing i feel doesnt bare any limits especially once they hit puberty as some are faster than others, and the hormones produce hair that some dont know how to removal properly. I personally prefer that a clients child has come to me and have done as low as a 10year old because the client had developed quite quickly and her mother didnt want her to be self concious of how hairy she had become. I had no problem because my insurance covers me, but if it didnt.......

This client has full support from the mother and knows of the impact/contrindictions of waxing, it will hurt but first times always do. I think being a professional that you should let her know that your not covered but would do as a favour or whatever and not expect her to have a diy job. xoxo

Ps: Her favour would be to pay you hehe! xoxo

My friends daughter is only 8, but VERY conscious of the dark hairs on her legs - she was being picked on in her PE lessons :(

My friend managed to find a hair removal mitt, no creams, razors etc, she just rubbed it over her legs and has worked a treat - its descrete and she is happy in the knowledge that its not too 'grown up'!
I'm not a waxer so apologies if I'm butting in here.........................

I did a threading course recently and we went over a lot of theory re hair growth etc. The tutor said you should never thread (or wax) younger clients as it can cause them to have much stronger hair growth in those areas when they are older?????

I would be interested to hear if any of the waxing geeks have heard of anything like this.
Been asked a couple of times about this aswell, I suggested the buffing mitts you get in boots now sure have a set in house somewhere will check and see what kind of make it is but they do a good job either that or hair removal cream, x
Im not a waxer either.....but im VERY DARK HAIRED!!!
I have to go and get my eyebrows & top lip waxed weekly x

My little girl is 6...and i already asking for her eye-brows to be done, because she says they are bushy....and actually asked the lady when she can get her 'tash' waxed x

I was picked on alot at school for my top lip, so, as a parent, (if i havnt done it by then) i would happily sign to allow a waxer i trusted to do my little girls top lip when shes ready for senior school x

Im insured by the guild...so im going to check the details....but i see loads of girls (in liverpool) with perfectly shaped eyebrows....aged 12/13 x I refuse to believe they are doing it themselves hahahaha x


I agree with the last post. I was very hairy the minute puberty set in. I later found out I had poly cystic ovaries. I was bullied horrendously at school, called gorilla girl and everything. I used to beg my mum to let me shave my legs and she eventually gave in and let me (under supervision). Can you not explain the procedure, contra indications and so on, explain about the limitations on your insurance and, if you wanted to go ahead and do the waxing, get the mum to sign a disclaimer. I got a part time job when I was 13 and went to a local beautician on the way home with my first weeks wages and told her I was 16 and got my legs waxed. I still get them waxed every four weeks 20 odd years later. I know that this doesn't really answer your question (sorry) , but I just wanted to give you a bit of insight into how that girl is feeling.
A friend of mine wants me to wax her daughters underarms. The girl is 11 and has about 20 hairs under each arm. I told her I would do it for her. The mother would rather me do it properly rather than the daughter trying to shave and cutting herself. And with so few and very fine hairs under there it should last her a really long time :)

As I see it we are not the parent of these young people. It is up to the individual family to decide what is right for them and at what age. As long as your insurance is ok with it I don't see why we should impose our own judgements on them.
Thanks for your replies everyone, went to see the girl and her mum last night and explained that my insurance doesn't cover it, will be changing that in January when it's due for renewal, suggested to buy a hair removal mit and once she's 12 I'll happily wax away!
Oh dear, I have been waxing my own daughter since she was roughly 13 and she now has hardly any leg hair at all, so it has been a great sucess for her, but as i am her mum i suppose it makes a lot of difference regarding the insurance restriction etc. I can understand if your not insured then its too risky, but as for family members as long as you have the parent present and all parties understand what you are doing, i can not see it causing any harm. If you just start with a tiny area so the person can feel the sensation of waxing and can tell you to stop if they dont like it then its got to be better than an unhappy child. Obviously i think if the child is about to start Secondary school then the majority of them are wel into the start of puberty by then and probably will just use a razor blade if they can not get their legs waxed and i know i would rather my daughter be waxed than use sharp objects.
Its a bit of a mine field this one:rolleyes:

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