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Jess E

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Aug 26, 2006
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Hi all, I was wondering if you could give me some advice?
I did a search but couldnt spot anything similar.
I am going on holiday on 8th August and me and my step mum want a bikini wax before we go, she also wants 1/2 leg done too.
I'm sure I vaguely remember someone telling me once that you shouldnt get waxed right before your holiday? When should I book us in? was thinking about 2 days before we go as want as little re-growth as possible whilst out there so dont want to do it a week before.
Any advice would be much appreciated :D

Thank you.
I would allow 2 - 3 days. Better to be safe than sorry!
Hi, I would probably recommend, 5 days before you see the sun, gives the skin the time to calm down, and you time to exfoliate before you go away.

Have a lovely holiday
Thank you both for replying. I will leave it 3-4 days then, a nice happy medium :biggrin:
Thank you both for replying. I will leave it 3-4 days then, a nice happy medium :biggrin:
24 to 48 hours is plenty time before you have your waxing and go on your hols,The reason we recommend leaving this amount of time is to give the follicles a chance to close following your waxing.

The skin will be sensitive following a wax treatment therefore you wouldn't be able to expose the skin to the sun or any other heat treatments,also the follicles would be open meaning that you would not be advise to go in a swimming pool or the sea,due to bacteria/chlorine.

It is not at all necessary to leave it a week or 4/5 days before waxing and holiday.Goodness,if you left it a week in between then went on a 2 week holiday you are more or less guaranteed to have regrowth,Keep it to a minimum and book that wax within the 48 hr mark to make the most of it.HTH and enjoy your holiday.:wink2:
i always do it 1-2 days before the holiday , no need to leave it any longer than that :D
I would have to agree with everything Babs has said 24-48 hours is fine. Certainly wouldn't leave it 4-5 days.
I was going to say the same thing as Babs too :)
We all seem to have different opinions on how much time between waxing and holiday. You know your skin better than we do, so if you dont suffer with sensitive skin or ingowing hairs then you can do if a couple of days before you go away. If you do suffer with these things, then give yourself an extra day for the redness to dissappear and for exfoliation.

Have a great hair free holiday

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