What colours/polish/smellys for the new winter collections


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May 12, 2006
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Hi geeks im just trying to boost things up abit for me, im going ask all my questions in this thread to save doing more.

I already use the Solar oil so i know this is a good product to use and sell.

I was wanting to know some new winter collection colours, my clients love Dance USA by CND which i use their polishes and products but they are asking for some new reddish colours and what are the colours that are in at the minute as they like to keep up to date aswell?.

Now my clients are enjoying what i offer them they are wanting to buy a good hand cream from me, iv done searches on the threads about this and it looks like its either Solar Silk or Solar Butter am i right in this should i buy these do they sell retail sizes?

Iv never smelt or tried the Sensations range so i was wanting to know what is the most popular fragrance you use or sell to your clients please? can they be used as an hand cream aswell?

The last one i think is what pedicure range you use and any recomendations please?

Any advice on the above would be great thanks for reading my questions xx
My most popular colours by far for the winter months are from Creative's Exhibit Collection, Nail Noir, Limited Edition and NFS. Of course bear in mind that they have just bought out a new collection for winter including silver and purple which are supposed to be the colours for this winter.

Solar Silk and Solar Butter are both gorgeous, Solar butter contains Shea Butter and is a fabulous intensive hand cream. All of the Scentsations Range are heavenly, for the winter I love Apple and Cinnamon, tbh though scents are a very person thing so I would be hard pushed to recommend which ones would sell well for you. Perhaps Sweet Squared might have some samples??? I don't know, but it would be worth asking. I was able to get hold of some a while ago and they boosted my sales. Once these have been tried they will be firm favourites, the smell lasts for hours even after frequent handwashing.

Hth's xxx
hi ya major,
I would second everything hope as said, solar silk is my best seller fab hand cream, and the new winter range of colours is a must tbh,for me my fav scentsations change from month to month I love them all! I know your near me (ish I'm grimsby) get yourself to HQ and have a look and feel of all the products on offer. Gigi is doing a demo on the week beginning the 26th nov would be great for you to meet her and you could see for yourself all the the great products first hand xx
I find that the darker reds are popular at this time of year
Satin sheets
Dark secret
and Red baroness,
and my clients are loving Rebel with a cause, its a metallic deepish purple.
I like to use cranberry scentsations hand and body lotion at this time of year and have never had a complaint about it,
melon and jasmine goes down well too,
all of the solar range is just lush. hth
Mango and Coconut is my fave scentsations. Just wish they would do it in a retail friendly handbag sized tube (hint hint :))
Hi clare thanks for the reply, iv written them all down and now im going to look in the catalouge i got from Hypirion ages ago. Is there a new catalouge out now then that group has closed? Where about is the HQ where gigi is demoing?

The cranberry sounds lovely Louise as i like the smell of cranberry anyway thanks again gona look at the catalouge now,any clues on if theres anothe cat out yet?
Yeh good point hand bag size would be great my mates are always getting cream out of their bags whilst chatting n cuppa and putting some on.Thanks caz
I could be wrong but i think i read on here some where the other day that the sams are in the middle of making a new mag with all the goodies in because they have reduced some prices yeehaa
but we can still use the old one for the time been to do our ordering,
and it is the leeds academy where Gigi is going to be doing the demos hth
theres a thread going about the new application method which Gigi will be demo the week of 26th at Leeds HQ
6 Clayton wood bank
west park ring road
ls 16 6qz
tel 0845 210 6060 for more details

I think they are working on a new catalog. but if you can make it this would be a great way to look at all the products on offer xx
Nail Noir is a firm favourite of my clients, it's a gorgeous colour as is Tweed...

there are some lovely colours in the new Fall Collection too.
I have just today placed another order for the Fig and blackcurrant scrub and lotion, I ordered 5 of each and they have all sold! It is lush though!
Also enamels that have been dead popular recently are Rock Royalty, Nail Noir, Jiggy, Dark Secret and the cerise colour in the Anarchy collection (CND).


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