What do you wear for an interview in a salon???


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Aug 16, 2007
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South Wales
Hi Guys,

Hope you can help? I'm just starting out as a nail tech and sent my CV off to loads of salons in the area looking for work or a table/space to rent.

Well...I had a call today from one of the salons and they've asked me to come in for a chat but as my background is not in beauty I'm not really sure what to wear. Do I go for salon uniform or suit or just smart dress? Help!

Also, what is a good rate for renting a table in a salon???

As I'm not in the UK I can't help with the pricing situation......but I can suggest on the clothing.......

If you were coming to me for an interview.....something nice ,clean, professional in attire........does not have to be a uniform.....but something as you say " smart"
When interviewing, I would have expected an applicant to wear a smart suit / skirt & blouse or similar or their beauty uniform. Either would do as long as it was very presentable.

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for your advice! I was thinking maybe white linen trousers and a white top or black and black.


Having said that, Sue has just suggested that you wear a suit or salon uniform. I'm really unsure as the background I come from is nothing like the Beauty Industry and I always wore a suit for an Interview...help!
I'd wear a salon uniform in order to look like I'm prepared for the job
Hi 1999judy,

Thanks for the tip!

Laurie x
Be clean and smart but I wouldn't wear a salon uniform as it'd look a bit naff.
Just make sure your nails are clean and tidy and your smile works!!
As long as you feel presentable and comfortable you will be fine.. GOOD LUCK and let us know how you get on!!:hug:
I wouldnt wear a salon uniform, when I went for my interview I wore smart trousers and a smart t-shirt, and made sure my nails were done and my hair neatly pinned back, make up on etc.

As long as you are clean, tidy, and presentable, and dont wear jeans or trainers you'll be fine.
Hi to The Brow Queen, Chels and Carla Barbie,

Thanks for the advice...think I'll avoid salon uniform then!!!!

The interview/chat re renting table was arranged for today then the salon owner phoned me less than an hour before and postponed - I wasn't amused! But never mind.

I'll let you know how it goes when I do meet her!

Thanks Guys!
I'd wear a uniform if you are going to be doing a trade test...maybe not just for a chat. Sorry didn't read the question properly first time:lol:
I had exactly the same dilemma when I went for my interview back in July. I stuck to a new beauty uniform, and my boss has since told me that I was the only interviewee who attended in uniform, and this made me stand out in her mind and seemed more professional, as I'd made the extra efford to come prepared. It did boost my confidence too, as I FELT more professional, and therefore felt more comfortable in selling myself as a professional!

It's down to personal choice though. As long as you feel confident, professional and capable, you'll do great :)
Hi, I think you should wear your uniform. It will show your future boss, what your presentation is like and what you will look like when you are treating clients. They can place you in the environment.

Also if you have to do any treatments, then at least you are dressed for the occassion.

Take a change of clothes with you, if you dont want to walk about in your uniform afterwards.


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