What would you do?


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Lucia Etch

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Dec 7, 2007
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What would you do?
If you were offered up to a two year all expense paid vacation.
Basically if you wanted to work, you could.
Or do just do a whole lot of nothing.
The vacation destination is in the mountains.
Oh, by the way.
You also have a huge clientele. And as of yesterday, you get regular walk-ins, phone calls and e-mails asking for your services.
What would you do?
oh thats a tough one

but the vacation sounds very tempting though
If i had no children then I would jump and the chance, drop everything and away I go..
But as I do have kids...I would have to refuse and cry a bit lol ,But I'd survive im sure :lol:
Oh for sure i would be off!!!!!!!

If you have built up a fantastic business once (obviousley you are very talented) then my god you can do it again two years is nothing in a life time get gone girl!!!

Who knows you may start a new business there love it and never come back, what an amazing adventure and probably a once in a life time opportunity!!

I think i have made my feelings clear on this lol!! xxx:lol:
Mm-mm Mountains or Mountains of clients
I must be way too sensible, i would stay with my mountains of clients,
the thought of been in the mountains where there isn't going to be very many people just does not appeal to me, give me clients and plenty of work any old day.
I would focus on my career, save my money and then go on a nice month long vacation at a later date! I'm sure it's much easier to retain your hard earned clients and reputation that you worked so hard to get than it is to start over. :) That is a really really nice option though
i am sensible too.. id stay at work.

i have this predicament whenever i want a holiday!! i only let myself have one week at a time so i dont let clients down! its a bit pathetic actually! lol. :eek:
I'd go on the holiday.I'd try to make sure client were taken care of by the other staff in the salon, and would explain to clients I'd be away for that time. I'd make sure the salon was left in very trusted hands if I was the owner. If my reputation and skills were as good as you say, then I could rebuild my client list when I return.

I take it this is just a "what if" question and some fabulous person hasn't offered it to you?:eek:
Marion x
If you had asked me that question 10 years ago....i would have thrown caution to the wind and go...especially if it was a mountain retreat with a hunky guy in a log cabin and champagne on tap...:lol::lol:

However....now would be a different situation...the thing you have to ask yourself is,could you really do it,it sounds to me you have a steady income,are quite happy with the way things are going....can you elaborate on this Lucia....why the long time,and why the mountains?...:confused::)
I saw my mug on America's Most Wanted, I can get a face lift and change my hair color before "they" can catch me. J/K

I will have a better hold on the situation before the end of the month.
At that time I will have made my decision.

I dont have the financial responsiblities I did just a couple of years ago.
My daughters grew up and are doing their own thing.

Im FREE!!!
omg....:eek:...half of me would tell me to do ...but i do think i would stay...why....your building up your clients now...if you go...you have a nice 2 years then when you come back you have to start from scratch and its soooooo hard....let us know what you decide hun xxxx
If I had no commitments whatsoever, there'd be no stopping me. But I do, and I can't, so that's that!

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