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Kim Lawless

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Apr 17, 2003
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London and Essex
Hi all. Do any geeks have a wheat intolerance? I've been feeling increasingly unwell with a long time with a longlist of symptoms that have really begun to affect my life. I've suspected for sometime that it was to do with wheat and yesterday, I had bread at lunch time and I was really ill for the rest of the day. So, I made the decision to cut out wheat today and already I feel a lot better. It's too early to tell if wheat is the problem but I'd appreciate any advice or if you'd be willing to share your symptoms and experiences with us.

Many thanks. Kim x
I suffer from awful pain when I eat certain foods, we were in an Indian restaurant just before xmas with friends, had poppadoms with our starter and within 20 minutes of eating them I was in agony and had an emergency trip to the loo :eek:
You need to find out which foods you are intolerant/allergic to and try your best to avoid them if possible, easier said than done.

I found out some info on the net and saved the links in my faves...
Complex Carbohydrate Intolerance Information Center
Food Intolerance vs Allergy - causes, types, symptoms & treatments.

hth's a bit xx
Since scrapping most of the wheat intake from my diet, I feel less bloated, less lerthargic and I've lost some weight too, so it can't be all bad can't it?!
Yes, even now on day one, I don't feel so tired. I've been having terrible attacks of tiredness and yawning as though someone had injected me with a sleeping drug.
I had to get tested for this. I had to go 4 weeks with none and then try some and see the reaction (had to do the same with dairy). Wow, I didn't realize how many things contained wheat. It was really hard but I lost a few pounds just from cutting it out!

The idea is your body becomes so polluted with it, it doesn't give a strong allergic reaction on a day to day basis. Once it is entirely cleared of it there will be a strong reaction to prove the allergy. Or you could just get the bloodtest - it's pretty expensive, though. For me it came back negative.

I would say to give it a good month, then introduce it - you'll get a true gauge that way.

Good luck!
I have coeliacs - an intolerance to gluten and wheat, before I got diagnosed the pain was awful and it got so bad that I was too scared to leave the house incase I needed the loo! the symptoms ranged from constipation to the other extreme. Thankfully I now have it under control, and I although I am ok if I eat say, a piece of toast (granary, not white, as I find that refined wheat makes me worse), or a small helping of brown pasta I am fine, But I was to go binge on regular pasta, sauces with gluten in and a white garlic bread.....well I'd be quite poorly!
Hi - I've suffered similar symptoms for uears. Certain food is guaranteed to cause an emergency trip to the loo lol. After seeing my (new) Doctober about six months ago I've cut pasta, potatoes, all bread, and all rice from my diet. I also take Spasmonal half an hour before meals as well as Colpermin (peppermint oil capsules) if I need to.

I've had very few problems over the last few months except at Christmas when I had mashed potatoes, roasties and stuffing - took me two days to get over it. - Lesson learned lol

If i eat too many processed foods white bread, normal pasta etc i suffer with constipation bloating and have no energy. A friend suggested changing to granary bread(something to dow th wholoe grains) wholemeal pasta and brown rice and i have to say it has treally helped. If i do eat white bread i really notice the difference.
I am currently undergoing tests for IBS/collitis. I was told to cut 'dairy' out for a couple of weeks and see if that helps.. I thought for sure the doc was going to say Wheat and Gluten. We will see what happens. Not looking forward to the tests but will do anything to feel better.
Well, it's day three of cutting out wheat and I feel so much better already. I haven't got that hungover feeling. Still slightly bloated so I need to look at what else I'm eating. xxx
Cream cakes won't help :wink2: x
i have suffered with IBS/ severe bloating/ abdomoninal pains /leathargy/ tiredness/etc and emergency loo trips:cry: for over 10 yrs now, finally i had food intolerence tests done at the hospital a year ago and found sooooo many things i was allergic and or sensitive to, i always thought it was wheat and avoided it but still the symtoms occured

the tests showed that yes i was sensitive to wheat, if i only eat it now and again and use brown rice and granary bread etc im better, but the tests showed soo mnay other things that i would not have thought of

pineapple /apple
etc etc

my main one is milk and pineapple i get a reaction within 2 mins of eating this, quite severe too, but chicken shocked me the most, every time i tried to diet to reduce the weight gain and bloating id eat what i thought was healthy chicken salad, chicken and rice or baked potoato etc and all along the chicken was making the symptoms worse lol

the intolerence test was awful to follow, 3 weeks of only eating lamb, rice and cabbage, and peaches!!! then introducing one food slowly to see if any reaction, but after 4 weeks i'd lost nearly 2 stone and all my symptoms/bloating and pain had gone away, i still suffer now and again if i eat things i shouldnt, but when im sensible and eat properly, it makes a huge difference to how i feel in general, if cat today ive started 'the diet' again, so after a week i should be feeling young, awake, refreshed again lol

hope you find a solution and feel better soon hun xxx

just wanted to add i piad loads over the years to have the 'supposed' food tests done at health food shops and various other places, they all said i was allergic to caffeine and wheat, but none of them found the other things which the hospital tests did, i wouldnt advise anyone to pay out for the blood tests etc, they dont seem to e very reliable

ibut the tests showed soo mnay other things that i would not have thought of

i wouldnt advise anyone to pay out for the blood tests etc, they dont seem to e very reliable

God.........that's amazing. So how did they test you? No blood tests at all?
God.........that's amazing. So how did they test you? No blood tests at all?

basically doing what you have done, i had to do 3-4 weeks on a baseline diet, only eating lamb, rice and cabbage and peaches, and drinking water and nothing else, then once they are sure your body is 'clean' they introduce foods one at a time and in minute little pieces if you dont react they try a bigger piece next day, if no reaction on the third day you have a full sized piece if no reaction you are not allergic/sensitive, some of he things im allergic to showed immediatly i.e. pineapple, milk they were serious reactions within minutes of having a teaspoon full etc, others i didnt react until i was having a full portion (chicken) but once these things are absent from your body you react very quickly to them, so its easy to judge

but it was hard to do, very restrictive for 10-15 weeks i couldnt eat out or have nayone round for food etc, as i had to be totally committed, if you deviate and eat anything out of order on the plan (things have to be re-introdiced in order) you would have to start all over again with the 3 baseline weeks!:rolleyes:

hths xx
oh and something else i thought about, when i spoke to the dietician and suggested it was wheat i was alergic too, then once the tests showed it wasnt really that affecting me, she suggested it could be the wheat in the bread, a lot of people suffer after eating bread and just assume its wheat, when 8/10 times its actually yeast, just a thought hun

sometimes it can be something you dont even realise your eating, i am like a madwoman examining labels now, and you wouldnt believe the amount of different names they call milk/aspartme etc on food packaging, you wouldnt know you were eating it!!!:mad:

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