Where can I get further information on contra-indications?


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Aug 29, 2007
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bradford, west yorkshire
Hi Geeks
Quick question, where can I get some detailed information on contra indications? I'm aware of all the usual stuff you learn in training re bacterial infections, onycholisis, pregnancy etc, but I've been made aware recently that certain medical conditions can present a contra-indication to applying enhancements.

I've had a scan on this site and on the web and cant see anything. Can anyone recommend a place that I can find some detailed information? I'm not trying to get all clued up and start diagnosing anyones symptoms or anything, I just want to be aware of what conditions can pose contra indications so that if a client says they have a condition I can take the correct action

Hi hun, don't know where you are looking but there is loads of stuff on here about contra indications. Trust me, we have had some very, and I do mean very lively debates about various conditions:rolleyes:
Anyhow, other places to look would be Anne Swains encyclopedia of nails and every site on nail education.
The most important thing to remember is that contra indication does not mean that you can not do a treatment it just means that you may have to modify a treatment. To give an example that has already been used on here, if you were giving a pedicure to an elderly person you would not use a scrub with salt because if you failed to get all the salt out from under the nails you could cause ulcers to form due to the difficulty that older peeps have in reaching their own feet to clean them properly, also you wouldn't use a foot rasp due to the thinness and dryness of the skin, doesn't mean that you wouldn't do a treatment just that you need to think about the client as a person, not a text book and modify the treatment to suit.
Common sense is the thing to keep at the front of your mind with all your clients. Hope this helps:hug:

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