Which car is suitable for a mobile beauty therapist?


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I am just about to change my car, I have a peugeot 307 at the moment, but I have really seen one I like today, a fiesta zetec s celebration edition, It has only 2 doors (not 4!!!) I have 2 kids 11 and 13 years old so they could manage with climbing in and out ok, but the only thing bothering me is would I be able to fit a beauty couch in? I know it wont fit in the boot without letting the seats down, but will it be too much hassle trying to squeeze it in behind the front seats??? I really do like the car, its really bright green with a checkered flag roof:lol:

So I was wondering what other cars you mobile beauty therapists have and which are suitable to carry all the equipment without too much of a struggle, I am half way through ny NVQ level 2 so have not had this problem so far with the car, but dont want to buy one now and regret it later on, Hmmmmm and help and advise would be greatly appreciated:)

P.s I really do like tis car:confused:


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I have a Fiesta Zetec but not the sports version! I think both your couch and your kids would appreciate the space of a four door car! You can get tinted windows at the back and it still looks pretty cool (mines black). I can just about fit my couch in the boot actually, but put it on the back seat as then I can fit the rest of my stuff in the boot.:hug:

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A friend of mines had a 2 door car

We once did a show together and boy did we fight to get all the stuff in the car, as the boot was so small and it was awkward to get stuff on the back seat

She promptly got a 4 door car after that experience

The car is cute but it doesn't look practical for mobile therapists (I like the ford focus)

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Hmm, do they do a Focus in the same edition as that Fiesta? That might give you that extra bit of room that you could probably do with to fit a couch in...


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This is to celebrate 30 years of the fiesta, it is really nice and different, I like to be different, lol.

Thanks for all your advise:hug: I think I am going to take my couch through sometime and try it! but realistically I don't think it will work!

I am a mobile hairdresser so all that gear would fit in no problem, it's just when I start doing BT once I'm qualified in Sept, but I imagine I would be very quiet for a while so it would just be the odd times maybeas I would be and am very busy with hairdressing, somaybe it would do for a couple of years!!!

I'm trying to convince myself here aren't i?:irked::lol:


I have a two door Golf Gti and I get all my stuff and my two kids in and out in a jiffy! One of the back seats goes down, leaving two to sit on, which gives plenty of space to put my couch and trolley in vertically and my stool slots in upside down beside them, leaving loads of room for my storage boxes in the boot. One kid in the front, one in the back and we're good to go! There's even space for one more at a push!

With a bit of practice, you'll get your stuff in there just fine. Why not go down to the showroom and try it out before you buy it? That's what I did! And that's why I didn't buy a Beetle...! :lol:


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yeah the rear seat splits 60/40 so I could just let one side down:)

my son and hubby love it too, my daughter hasn't seen it yet so when I take her with me for a test drive I'm going to take my couch, thats what the bloke in the garage said to do too, to try it out.


Definately! It did take me while to work it out, I was putting my couch on the back seat for a while, but obviously no room for the kids! But once you've done it a few times you'll become an expert and get it all in and out in no time. Hope the couch fits! :hug:


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i suppose it wouldn't do us all to like the same thing! i think it's horrid! sorry to be so blunt but i'm not known for my tact! it looks like a boy racers car and not what you would expect a beauty therapist to have. i suppose if you were bored though you could play chess on the roof! i'm probably just jealous cos i drive a skoda-hehe:)


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Hi, I have recently changed my car, and I specifically went looking for one where I could fit my couch and all my other equipment into the boot, and still be able to fit passengers into the back seats. I took the measurements of the couch etc, and tried loads of different cars. I ended up with a Nissan Note, which has masses of boot space and loads of room for passengers. It's not very sporty looking, but very practical, and I love driving it.
Shelly x

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I recently brought a 2001 reg Renault megane scienic,i am a nail tech with a daughter and a large dog and i am sooo pleased with the amount of space i have in it id recommend one to anybody,it has plenty of cubbyholes in the front too,where i can put my dairy,leaflets,and price lists, and still have room for other bits.:) .


Don't be silly why buy a Fiesta when you can spend your money on a secondhand Porsche. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!


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i suppose it wouldn't do us all to like the same thing! i think it's horrid! sorry to be so blunt but i'm not known for my tact! it looks like a boy racers car and not what you would expect a beauty therapist to have. i suppose if you were bored though you could play chess on the roof! i'm probably just jealous cos i drive a skoda-hehe:)
hey I am not offended at all, like I say I like to be different, and I don't worry at all what other people think about anything about anything I have or like, as long as I am happy and do as I please, then it's all cool:lol: the car is a lot brighter green than it looks on the picture, I think it's the shock colour that attracts me:rolleyes:

But I have just remembered I have my manicure table too to fit in!

as for the renault megan scenic, I love them, but to be honest I have just got a thing against french cars! my current one is a peugeut that I have had from new (4 years now) and I have had more trouble with it you wouldn't believe!!! the last 2 cars before that (also both from new) were renault clios and the last one I had was nothing but trouble too, always in the garage I got rid of it after 2 years, so I am very wary of peugeot and renault, especially peugeut:irked:

as for the prosche I would love one:lol: but I am also thinking about the insurance too:wink2:


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If you can get one at a good price Mercedes A-Class.

We have a Ford Focus Zetec at the moment, lots of room in the back, particularly if you put one of the back seats down.



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a 14 year old maestro van, a 17 year old escort and in the summer a 27 year old beetle!

who says i dont have class? lmao!


I had a look at the Mitshibushi Colt which has a lot of room in the boot and is 4 door and the only other one that has lots of room for a smaller car is the Mazda 2, that also comes in a bright green. HTH's


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i have a peugeot 206 it fits my couch in i just have to take the boot shelf off , it also fits my massive cart on wheels in too, its surprising what you can fir in a car if you try hard enough :lol:


I have a two door Toyota Yaris and dont have a problem getting my couch in and out from behind the seats. I just wish they would make the beds lighter mine is just so heavy.

Trish :hug:


I have a cream convertible beetle (2004 plate)
I wanted it for ages! :)

All my mates etc say it's definately me.. and they say it suits a beauty therapist/nail technician!

It's a REALl struggle getting my beauty couch in though!! :irked:

The boot is tiny though, and at the minute my car's like another home as it's full of clothes/shoes etc..

So naughty of me.. I'm defo sorting it all out this week!! Just never get around to it!! :smack:


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If you really want it buy it! You'll find a way of getting everything in...... If you compromise you'll regret it IMO.....