Which hot/strip wax do you all use?


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Nov 18, 2013
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new zealand
Hi all,

Im looking into different hot and strip waxes to use?
The only one available over here is basically LYCON WAX, I want something new and amazing!
What does everyone else use? What is the best to use?

Im looking into become a beauty product distrubtor but I can't find anything anywere! i have tried google but theres not much info!
I imagine it's the shipping costs and the fact that most companies would require the commitment to order large quantities that often puts companies off from setting up overseas distributors.
It's always work approaching companies to see if it's an option...
I use Perron Rigot waxes.

I'm another Peron user.
Have you tried Caron or Adam and Eve I believe both are made in Australia so maybe they would need a distributor in New Zealand if they haven't got one already.
Perron Rigot here too.
Did my lycon training yesterday. Very impressed :)
Perron Rigot here too! Love it.
Have you tried Mancine wax? This is another great wax that is available in both Strip and Non-Strip wax. It is manufactured in Australia and they also have a New Zealand distributor.

I popped some of their wax into my heater yesterday.
Adam & Eve wax is also available in New Zealand too - heard great things about it, but not used it yet. It is next on my to try list.
Most of the major Australian brands are sold in New Zealand, Adam & Eve, Caron, Lycon and Mancine - they all have distributors - try Beauty Spa & Wellbeing.
Also there are some European waxes sold - Depileve is one.
I am not sure if there are openings for distributors as the major brands already are well represented
Good Luck!!

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