which spray tan machine?????????


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Mar 11, 2003
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west yorkshire
i know there is a lot to look at on the site but i need info quick as its vat free day today t dennis williams. should i buy the sun lab spray tan machine or the coutre one. which is best and which has more over spray PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEE
Cor you are in a rush?!

Erm, firstly, I wouldn't rush out and grab a machine on impulse.

Call up companies and get some demos. Read up on the machines.

I myself, would go for a hvlp - t100. No overspray, where as your compressors will give off a lot of o/s.

How many tans you gonna be doing? t100's great for mobile use.

You gonna get a cubicle?

Maybe, if you ring around and take your time, you will get a great deal with a supplier anyway.

good luck xx
mobile and tan party so will get a pop up tent i used a sun lab one on sat that i borowed from my friend is yous from coutre then pls
My t100 is from tantrick. I trained with them and am very happy with my machine. so are 100's of other t100 users (not only supplied by tantrick).

My cubicle was purchased from them also.

I'd ring around, visit websites, make calls. I wouldn't rush into anything or go just on what was recommended on here.

You can try the machine out and ask tons of questions face to face. Its a big investment.

You should get the training and the insurance too don't forget x ;o)
good luck
did you pick up a machine today hun?
still not sure of the best for least over spray
my experience would say there is less overspray with the t100.
I have a TC3 which I use in the salon and I have come to the conclusion that the amount of overspray (which is always minimal with this machine) also depends of the solution you are pushing through it......anyone else found this?
I have a mimimist and the overspray is minimal. Its really quite light and very portable. Goodluck on your decisions x
I have a TC3 which I use in the salon and I have come to the conclusion that the amount of overspray (which is always minimal with this machine) also depends of the solution you are pushing through it......anyone else found this?

I think so too! some solutions require they go on a bit "wetter" and this is where you get the o/s. Well as long as they are in the cubicle and it's minimal, then there should be no problem. If I have one client on her own then I don't always use the cubicle tbh.
for mobile the t100 is great tho.
just ring all the co's up and get a demo and see for yourself.
MINIMIST it's fab!!
Whichever machine you decide to purchase, ask plenty of questions and make sure they know all the ins and outs of the machine so you can go back to them for back up and support further down the line.

Get proper training before you even start to offer this treatment to your clients, get recommendations from fellow colleagues. Good training can put you in good stead for your future business - it's such a valuable investment!

Choose a solution which you have tested on yourself and a few other friends before investing in litres of a product you have never tried - proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say! Again, go on recommendation as to which solutions to try before settling on one you feel is best for your clients.

All the best

Mandy x
I think you need to look at your budget and the amount of sprays you are expecting the machine to perform. If you are mobile or salon based. If you have a limited budget and only going to do on average a few sprays a day then the mobile route is good enough especially when starting out. If however you are expecting to do upwards of 7 sprays a day in a salon environment then a TC3 is a good option. The price is mugh greater however. So defo think about your needs and can you afford to budget up to the higher end model.
Good luck!!
wont br doing 7 tans aday im prety sur so which can you recomend please
also ve tried the ocean tan from suntan cubicle anyone else tried this one ta
need to clarify which machine to buy please xx def not 6 tans a day so more of a mobile option please
From the replies on here, and personal experience, the mimimist(t100) is great for mobile, minimum overspray and very portable. yuo can also perform a few tans in one eve if you wish.
This machine is available from Couture, Apollo, Spray tan supermarket (and prob more!). Couture and tantrick both offer training too.
thank you soooooo much that info so complete just what i needed ta so very much xx
Hi Glenda

as mentioned before, look for reviews and info on other sites, there are plenty out there, ask for a demo from any of the companies, the T100 (mobile mist) is a great little machine to get you going, there are plenty of offers out there check the websites, BUT make sure you get training before starting up!

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