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Apr 14, 2003
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hi guys and girls just wondering if anyone had treid both the ezflow white tips and the creative white tips if you could give me a comparison ? i have some ezflow ones which i got with my boogie nights kit but i have never seen the white ones by creative the ezflow ones are lovely and thin and have quiet a shallow well on them which is great for getting it right on the tips without a ledge underneth grateful for your advice as i must get ordering this afternoon ;)
just seen that radical french are a version of velocity which is great! are they the same thickness as velocity ect would someone who has both mind having a look for me cheers girls!!
Hi, yes, identical just different colour - really fab - use them all the time.

Go for it ;)

I´ve got some Tips from EzFlow, too. They are calles "Precision french". But I can not use them ,..I do not know, how I could fit them onto the natural nail because they have a very "untypical(?)" c-curve. They have a very nice smileline ( looks like the one, T.Holcomb does) but can someone tell me how to fit them onto the nail???

nailsbynicola said:
lovely and thin and have quiet a shallow well on them which is great for getting it right on the tips without a ledge underneth ;)

I prefer a deep well tip for a few different reasons.

1. It makes perfect placement easy.
2. A deep well protects the free edge of the natural nail. whilst it is growing out.
3. A deep well encloses the free edge and keeps dirt and debris from collecting there.

I hate to see the natural free edge showing underneath the tip which often happens when a shallow well tip is used.

Creative Radical French tips are my choice - I have never tried any others - as I trust the quality of everything that is branded Creative and all their products work for me.
They are competition USA style tips.......
The EZFlow precission tips are used for clients who have a very long natural nailbed...............

This is because of the extreme curve in the smile line...............
Should you have a client who is lucky enough to have super long nail beds, then you place the lowest part of the smile line level with the natural free edge.........................It sort of hoovers on the edge........... I have used them a few times...........but I personally don't have many clients who are lucky to have nailbeds that are suitable...........As they have a very deep c-curve , you will need a client who's natural nail will mirror this.............. other wise the smile line looks like a deep v-shape and not a curve shape... I hope you can figure out what I am trying to say lol..................

So I use normal french tips and pre-blend...then just butt on the edge of the tip to the edge of the pre-shaped natural nail.....Then you wont get that dirt trap........No ghostly shadows and they do look just like L&P when you use them with the fabric# system.......................

hope this helps
Antony Buckley is the guy to ask about those tips................I am sure he will be more then pleased to answer anymore questions about the precission tips and add to anything I might have forgotten to mention........He is a Star and knows his EZFlow stuff xxxxxx so talented xxxx
as usual ruth is correct, just make sure if you find you smileline is forming a v shape, choose a size larger and pre tailor the sidewalls.

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