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Sep 17, 2007
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Hi all,
my daughter has taken up beauty therapy at college & the tunic and trousers she has had to buy from college are very expensive & are not good quality.

Anyone know where she can purchase a white tunic and trousers size 12 that are good quality for a reasonable price?

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Mine are quite expensive from Florence Roby but such good quality that ive had them 2 years worn them loads,washed them loads and they are still looking good.They also dry really quick and dont need ironing.They do really nice modern styles as well.
Also are you sure she is allowed to have different ones than everyone else at my daughters college they have to purchase the college ones so they all look the same.
I get mine from Inline,they arent that cheap but the quality of them are great and they wash really well and dont need ironing!!
Hi all, thanks for the replys, no she doesn't have to have the same!
As long as they are white!

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i don't usually do this but.....ebay
why waste money, she may find she doesnt like the course or worse still end up with eyebrow/eye lash dye or wax over it until she gets used ti things hth
I get mine from salonweardirect online they are ver reasonale and very good quality I think!!
I have this top

Rizues Ltd

and these trousers

Rizues Ltd

Although the trousers I have are slightly highwaisted. I would suggest your daughter may prefer hipster style trousers.

Oh, delivery was really fast too - they're an excellent price, wash up really well and are really comfortable.
I know what you mean!! I hated my college uniform with absolute passion. I purchased mine from Florence Roby, same style but in Black and White and its the best buy. It's quite expensive, washed:) it so many times and it still look new. Even clients says how pretty i look in my uniform!but you are advertising your service and your daughter can wear it once she is a bona fide therapist!!

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