Why I love geeks


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Oct 17, 2005
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Why I love geeks.

Yup, I'll tell you why.

I just received my very first "Congratulations On Your Engagement" card.
It wasn't from family.
It wasn't from a friend.
It wasn't from a client.

It was from................. drum roll please..........


Thank you so VERY much!!! How very kind and thoughtful of you!
to take the time out, to send such a thoughtful card to someone across the great big blue that you hadn't ever met....
You're such a LOVE!!

ooh that is so sweet
Well, that got there quick!
Only posted it last week!

Your more than welcome Victoria xxxx :hug::hug:

You do so much for others, it was the least I could do & it was on my mind to do it asap as soon as I saw your thread about it.

Tbh, you've done well I usually forget family birthdays & stuff, but I couldn't forget a fellow Geek!!!!:lol:
that was a lovely thing to do....:hug:

sorry victoria i dont have your address or i would have sent one....like bev says...your always helping others....xxx
thats salon geek for you and Bev rose - what a love!
:cry: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Y'all are making me all mushy now

A round of "virtual" champagne on me for my fellow geeks, hehehe
Aaaawww - cheers Victoria and Bev!

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