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Jan 11, 2003
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Would love to here of peoples little "Ooopsies" in this business. Here's my most embarrassing moment!
I had not long finished my course in acrylic nails and a friend of a friend wanted infills.....GREAT, My first mobile nail technician job! I was really nervous and packed my case with all my stuff, got to her house to find that she was having some kind of mother's meeting! (I had an AUDIENCE)
I soon realised that i had forgotten my dappen dish, Oops. I asked her if she had an old egg cup (very proffessional) she gave me a throw away plastic cup!........You guessed it - the monomer melted it...all over her table cloth (which was also plastic) as i was mopping it up :oops: I realised it was taking all the flower design off the table cloth! RUINED. I have never been as embarrassed, I came home and cried to my hubby. The client got a free infill & i have never heard off her since! I sworn i would never, ever do nails again
he,he......glutten for punishment :rofl:
Would love to here if anyone else had had their "moment"
I was doing a full-set on a lady and I was using Solar Seale adhesive; well, I was applying a tip and I had used too much adhesive. I didn't realise but the adhesive had run down the tip to my finger sticking the tip to my finger so when I tried to pull away, I was stuck to the tip which was stuck to my client :oops: I had to clip the free edge of the tip in the most bizarre manner, freeing my client but leaving me with this tip stuck to my finger. I had to finish the full set like that too as she was in a hurry and i didn't have the time to kind of prize it off my finger. :? Fortunately, she was a client with a GSOH so we had a laugh and I was much more careful with my adhesive after that!!! ;) :rofl:
They say Pride goes before a fall!

I stayed particularly late one night to accommodate a new client who was a school teacher, because it was the only time she said she could come.

Well she arrived and was asking me questions about my career history etc and one of the things I said was that I had been doing nails for many years and could do them blindfolded!! 8)

I preped her nails and sized and tailored all the tips ready to go when there was a power cut and we were plunged into pitch darkenss - total. :oops:

I gropped my way to the back and found some candles (2 I think) and we ended up doing the whole set by dim candle light!! (very safety conscious!!) What else? You know what ... 7 years later and she is still a regular client at the salon too. :rofl:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: omg these are funny! What a way to boost my confidence about heading into this career...especially as I am officially the most accident prone chick in the world! *ditzy floozy*

I have one....this was from about 2 years ago when I was doing nail art at a huge fair. It was REALLY hot so the nail varnish wasnt drying v well and there were queues of people waiting to have their nails done - you can imagine the stress levels rising!

Anyway, this woman came to have her nails painted, and she was completely out of her face! I dont quite know what was wrong, she was either drunk or high on something :rolleyes: and she had to go and chose a zebra print design with a multicoloured background :? So there I am, trying to control her hands which were flying all over the place, trying to get all the nail varnish as even as poss and then trying to create the zebra lines....it was awful!

The nails were UGH and the lines were all over the place! Thinking back now, I should have refused to do her nails!!

I had a stream of nightmares that day; nail varnish running out on this woman's nails which were really long so I had to swap for another bottle of a slightly diff shade halfway down one of her nails. Annoying children who would NOT stop rocking the table whilst I was painting :gun: . Thank God Im a patient person :freak:!

anyone else got any nightmares?!!

I love to hear of other peoples mis haps! They are so funny, Keep 'em coming!
My worst nightmare was when i had to perform a mani on a dead person. I was new in the biz and had no idea of ever haveing to go into funeral homes. Well the salon owner went with me because she had to style her hair. When we got there i was shakeing in the knees so bad i could barely stand! LOL..We went on in and Jackie (the salon owner) started on her hair ..i was still standing by the wall to scared to touch the lady...Jackie says come on Gail this will be the first client who will never disagree with what you do and will love what ever you do for her. So i said ok and i went on to perform the mani. I was really haveing a hard time because she had long nails and i was haveing to hold the polish and her hands all at the same time. Well Jackie just all of the sudden YELLS out Gail LOOK!!! I flew all the way against the wall!! LOL she scared me so bad i thought the woman had come back alive :ack: She started laughing so hard she almost peed herself :rofl: WE laughed about it all the way back to the salon and she said now that wasnt so bad wasnt it. I couldnt say a word LOL
Both incidents that stand out in my mind involve smoke fire and water....

First one was when I started doing nails I had a pregnant lady as a customer. I was glueing on a tip or applying primer or something, can't remember exactly. All of a sudden her nail started smoking like a tee pee. Just a little tiny streamer of smoke rising off her nail plate. Well as if that wasn't enough the free edge started making a crackling sound like it was on fire and it just started to waste away before my eyes! I sware to GOD! She started waving her hand aroung and yelling from the pain. I had NO IDEA what to do. All I could think was "we sure as heck did not cover this in school". I still til this day do not know why that happened.

Fast forward about 8 years. I was working in a day spa and soaking my mothers nails in acetone. We finished and placed the acetone bowl to the side of the table. What I did not know was the salon owner had lit one of those candles on a stick right next to my nail table. WEll, needless to say the acetone bowl went up in flames..........HUGE FLAMES like a foot tall. I panicked and slowly tried to get the bowl away from all of my other chemicals. As I started walking with the bowl the fire grew larger. The flames started burning my hand and fingers. I had to throw the bowl down on the floor, thank God it was tile and then we put the fire out. I was freaking out because I was burned and my mother stayed calm the whole time and just ran to get the water. The embarassing part was this happened right out in plain view of everyone in the salon. So, yes I am extremely embarassed but I reacted in the best way I knew how at the time......

SO like I said mine aren't funny.......they are more scary and traumatizing! But I am in counseling now and everything is going well .......just kidding! LOL! Now that was a FUnny........

Leigh Ann
that is scary!
I wonder what happened to the smoking lady's nail? How could that happen I wonder? Maybe she was about to spontaneous combust! lol

I cannot think of any good stories to tell...except for what I almost did today...and that had nothing to do with nails :oops:

Oh wait...I did cut someone once. Really bad. It was this older guy with what seemed to be very thick calluses. I got out the credo blade ( allowed here in Hawaii) and sliced his heel. The skin turned out to be very thin, just super dry and flakey. It just bled and bled...I felt soooo bad. He was very nice though.. and even came back for more torture.
I hate the credo blade now. I seldom ever use it...in fact..where the heck is that thing?
Hey all! it`s 11:00 am in Italy!! I have an embarrassing story,even tho I`m not a nail tech to others(only to myself,stuck here in southern Italy with no techs) :(
Anyway, 6yrs ago, I came here to live, and after my first month here I was desperate for a fill!! I had asked my hairdresser a week earlier, if he knew of anyone who did this, He replied "Oh yes we do that dont worry come in next week" (I eventually learned that here no italian will tell you they CANNOT do a service..they "fib")
I had brought some supplies from America liquid, powder, primer, brush, I had done acrylic 2 times before on my toes(I had broken a toenail, and was terrified to let my honey see me with less than perfect feeties)
Anyway...I took my products to my hairdresser, he had their manicurist do my nails...I watched in absolute HORROR :shocker: as she proceeded to take a small spoon sized amount of powder, place it on a plate, add the liquid,and use my brush to mix it!! She even said she doesnt NEED to use primer(I know now she did`nt know WHAT IT WAS FOR!) i DID`NT YET SPEAK iTALIAN and was trying to tell my guy,no no she`s doing it all wrong stop her stop her! but he said stay calm,she knows what she is doing.(my guy at the time did`nt speak GREAT ENGLISH)
SHE GLOBBED ON THIS STICKY THICK MESS ON ALL 10 FINGERS, THAN LEFT IT!!!!!!! She did`nt even file!!!! I said no file? using the universal hand motion for filing nails, she said no its fine. meanwhile the whole salon was coughing and choking on the smell, which they have never smelled before in their life.

Worst part, my guy took me to lunch,right after, I did`nt want to go, I was mortified :oops: ...the worst part? I was wearing a BLACK ANGORA SWEATER, which kept catching on the lumpy,rough 1\4 " thick and long nails!! :ack: I was trying to file down my nails under the table at the restaurant,almost in tears...since then, I have been practising for hours every week for 6 years, and am proud to say my nails are the envy of every woman that sees them!!
Thanks guys for reading this! I tend...(no I DO TALK TOO MUCH!!)
My Worst Nightmare.....hehehe...

Well I guess we've all glued ourelves to our clients, I hate it when that happens!

Remember those buffalo drills? Well many times, I ended up with dreadlocks from my hair getting caught in that darn drill.

One lady came in for a full set, I was so excited! I did her nails and they looked beautiful! Well she was back the very next day without nails. They had ALL fallen off. I forgot to remove the shine from the natural nail before applying her tips.

Tales from the Day Spa....... I have a man come for his pedicure and he had no underware on under that robe that kept flopping open!!!....oh nooooo! I did not want to look .... I swear I didn't but my eyes kept going 'there' I couldn't get him done fast enough. And all while I was doing his pedicure, he kept saying, "this is better than $ex" Oh I thought I'd gag. I told the owner that I'd never do his feet again.
OK Shaun, the last story top it all :? :? :? Nightmare!
OMG That is horrible!!! lol
I did not want to look .... I swear I didn't but my eyes kept going 'there'
LOLOL I am seriously falling off my chair laughing!
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