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Sep 13, 2003
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I just had to say that although I am totally exhausted I have just had such a good day!!! :lol:

I have just completed my Magic Makeover with Creative and I am full of it!!!! I did the Real Rebalancing 2 weeks ago and thought it was good but today.....WOW!!!!! I did not realise there was still so much that could be learnt.....I want to do nails NOW!!!!, but hubby won't let me practise on him :sad:

I had to get up at 5.45am to go 30 miles in the wrong way to pick my model up, then drive past my house to get to the course - then do the same on the way home (200 mile round trip :eek: )But boy! it was worth it.

Only down side is I don't think I can do the Illusion in 2 weeks - I am working on it though. Heck, that's what credit cards are for!!!! ;)

Sorry if I'm waffling, just had to share!
Lol Nikki you sound like I did when I did my Brisa course with Marco the other day. Isn't it a fantastic feeling?

Its frustrating when you want to do nails right this second isn't it! I have the same problem... I keep asking my hubby if I can have a go on his nails.... but he won't let me for some strange reason... I just can't understand why he wouldn't want to go to work with french Brisa enhancements can you? lol

All the best and hope you manage to keep your enthusiasm going.
I have just completed my four day foundation class with Creative (I have had experience with acrylic before) - should I wait until I take the next classes to enable me to gain more experience, or can these classes be taken anytime?

I find i always feel like that when you have done anything to do with nails, you want to do them right away and practise what you've learnt. My hubby has been very good over all with me, he's let me do two nail extensions on him, (he's got large fingers so only two will fit.) practise my red nail polish application on him, even just practise my blending on him. He don't mind as long as he doesn't have to go to work with them on. (he's a policeman, i don't think it would go down too well...lol)

He is such a diamond and a real pillar of strength through all my good and bad times.

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