Would you wax a 12 year old?


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Jan 26, 2012
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I have a client whose daughter is a ballerina with very dark hair - she's from Argentina. Would you wax her legs, underarms and basic bikini? Or is that too young?
Yes she may get bullied at scool or dance class. Its beter than her shaving. X

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Yes I would but check with your insurance first x
I would, insurance permitting. It saves her being bullied and also from the parent deciding to give it ago themselves and we all know the horrors of untrained waxers! x
I would ask insurance company first but yes I would do it.
Rhiannon x
As above, I would do it after checking with insurance and obviously ensuring a parent was there also.
I wax my daughter who is 12, have been waxing her for awhile now as she was starting to be self conscious got underarm hair at 10. I would wax someone else's child with them present I don't do bikini on my daughter as she isn't showing it to anyone but half leg underarm lip and brows I do do.
Yes I have some and even a boy at 11 with a monobrow. As the others have said though, get the parent to sign a consent form and check with insurance :green:
I have girls this age come in. As long as your insurance covers you and you get a parent's signature, i don't see why not. It's better for them to have waxing done professionally than to grab their dad's razor at home xx
I'd personally also insist on them being present during the consultation until the child is 16... For my protection more than anything.
No i wouldn't wax any girl under the age of 16.. they are still a child!! but for legal reasons check your insurance!
Yes if insurance says so and a parent is in the room too!! Much better than them feeling insecure about it or being bullied!! Better to wax rather than them going home and shaving themselves or something xx

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If insurance and parents say it's fine I would...I had to start shaving at 11 and its better to be waxed!
Yes but I would advise the parent to bring her daughter in to see you and have a patch test done first, say on her leg. That way they can check that her skin doesn't have any strange reaction to the waxing or your aftercare lotion/oil/gel, and they will both feel confident in you when she comes in for her appointment.
Bikini wax on a 12 year old, no I wouldn't do this.
Bikini wax on a 12 year old, no I wouldn't do this.

I've not done it but what if they're going swimming with school? I shaved mine at that age due to mixed swimming lessons in school pool :/ x
I've not done it but what if they're going swimming with school? I shaved mine at that age due to mixed swimming lessons in school pool :/ x

Doesn't make any difference to me I am afraid. (As an aside it also doesn't fit in with the ethos of my spa to be waxing childrens bikini lines).

All these threads end up the same and all I will say it is down to the individual therapist and of course their insurance.

(Whether a therapist would do it, I also suspect the age of the therapist might come into it (just something I have observed over the years on here) or therapists with girls would have a different opinion too maybe).
How about threading for this girl? Then there's need for wax to touch the skin.
^ That would take ages!

I admit I'd feel a bit weird waxing her bikini line. I'm not sure why everyone is ruling out shaving. It might be a better option for this girl, because she wouldn't have to wait for weeks growing the hair inbetween waxing sessions. I was shaving everywhere at 11/12 and yes it's a pain, but I'm sure she'll get used to it like everyone else. I can't imagine getting waxed at that age. I probably would've found it too painful as well!
I haven't been asked about a bikini line on a girl that age, but if they were quite hairy then i can understand if they want a very basic bikini line. I would definitely do the other areas first and then check that they were still happy to have it done.

I'm quite hairy myself and remember doing my legs when i was about 9 or 10 because i was so self-conscious about it. I was an early developer.

I think if possible it is best to avoid shaving because the hair comes back so much more noticeably than waxing and causes that stubbly feeling. Also, girls can sometimes shave places that don't need shaving, such as the thighs and then the growback means that quite often they feel they should keep shaving to get rid of the stubble. If they are coming to a professional, they can learn what to do and not to do. I know some people will say this is the Mum's job, but often they don't know themselves or their child can feel a bit shy about talking this over with them.

I shaved for years and wish i'd known to wax sooner xx

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