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Gel Junkie
Aug 13, 2004
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i used to still use this to get on here ( call me lazy)

Has anyone tried this? must remember to change over !

Salon Geek

Amb x
They must be getting loads of hits on those advert links, especially when you consider the number of people who must be clicking on that site instead of www.salongeek.com.
I have never used Salongeek to get here. I always use the Nailgeek.

I have salon geek on my homepage so just one click and i`m straight in!!
It also shows the 5 most recent threads so if there is anything that catches my eye.......just one click and i`m there!
Do any other geeks use this facility?
I always use nailgeek. I don't understand about the hits and what they are. Can you explain it for me please? xxx
I always click on my 'nailgeek' icon and today had a new site,so had to literally type in the words'salon geek',wondered what what going on today as this has never happened before.:eek:
I still type in The Nail Geek!!!

Old habits are hard to break.

Just clicked on my nailgeek favourites, got something totally different.....need to update my favourites!
I saved it in favourites and click on it from there.

Or click on it from history...

Or from the http:// drop down

Gotta keep all options covered :lol:

For the amount of times I visit this site, I can't be doing with re-typing it every time ... it's well and firmly fixed in My Favourites list!
aaahhh and it all become clear i thought i was going nuts for a minute then i thought there was something wrong with my computer and got myself all in a tizz wazz!!!! lol

And bbrreeaatthhee, relax now!!
You'll probably find that because Sam's not using that domain name any longer that he's not renewed his subscription to it and it's now up for sale.
When some domain names are up for grabs they put advertising on the pages to let any potential customers know that the domain name is available.

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